Different SEO Types and Its Significance in Top Ranking 

The SEO process is still not completely understood. Keywords are a significant part of SEO, but there are many other things that matter. The keyword is one type of vital optimization, but there are several others, which are essential to attain and maintain top ranking on SERPs. You may not need all but gaining insight is always helpful.

Many small and mid-size companies do not have their own inhouse teams to do SEO activities. They can buy SEO service from reliable providers like Marketing1on1 to build strong SEO strategies and reach out to big volumes of targeted audiences. It will help their brands gain more popularity among the prospective customers.

On-page optimization

Every precaution or step taken to make a webpage rank high on search engines belongs to this category. On-page SEO includes –

  • Creating high-quality and user-centric content.
  • Adding Meta tags for search crawlers to identify the content intent. 
  • Use HTML tags to emphasize headings.
  • Ensure there is no duplicate content or broken links.
  • Improve URL structure.
  • Choose the appropriate image size.
  • Internal linking 
  • The keyword is used in the title, first para, URL, sub-heading, image alt, and more.

On-page SEO is focused on users because you are going to attract them and so it is crucial to get this correct.

Off-page SEO

Everything done outside the website to drive traffic towards your website is called off-page optimization. It can include strategies that help to top ranking and grow authority. 

  • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand building
  • PR
  • Forums
  • Guest posting and more

Technical SEO

It is all about helping Google robots successfully crawl, decipher, and index webpages. A thorough XML sitemap makes your website mobile-friendly. Structured data helps bots to sort out and categorize pages based on content type. Technical SEO includes –

  • Site speed 
  • Canonicalization
  • Structured data
  • XML site maps
  • Reduce duplicate content
  • Check index pages
  • And more

Local SEO

It is powerful for small, local businesses. It includes –

  • Google My Business optimization
  • Make sure that NAP is consistent across the internet
  • Optimizing citations and online directories
  • Engage on social channels
  • Perform a local SEO audit
  • Enhance the internal linking structure
  • Create local content
  • Get inbound links from relevant and authoritative sites
  • And more

White hat SEO

White hat SEO means playing by rules to enhance website visibility and drive traffic. It helps to maintain online ranking and website integrity. Some top white hat techniques are –

  • Quality content
  • Relevant keywords
  • Keyword-rich metadata and page titles
  • Authoritative inbound links
  • Fast loading of a webpage
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Well-structured or learn coding

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO gets site ranking higher but is immoral and violates the guidelines of Google. Many try to exploit the vulnerabilities and loopholes in search algorithms to gain top ranking through –

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Meta keyword stuffing
  • Link farming
  • Content cloaking
  • Publishing poor content quality 

Black hat SEO can result in site shutdowns, fines, dissatisfying user experience, increase in bounce rate, and loss of sales opportunities. Choose the right tactic!

Grey hat SEO

Gray hat SEO means the loopholes or vulnerabilities identified within Google’s algorithm guidelines. The guidelines don’t clearly say a specific technique is prohibited, for example, clickbait content or paid reviews. It is better to avoid such a sneaky SEO strategy. 

Negative SEO

Negative SEO aims to make the search ranking o competitor suffer, so you can benefit. It includes posting negative feedback or hacking. It is the most unethical and detestable type of SEO.


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