Difference between SEO and PPC

Search engine marketing is a broad area of advertising with various techniques used to reach a particular desired audience. The categories include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and Paid Inclusion in Search Engine. Customers are setting the pace with a good majority embracing E-Commerce as the new world order. Due to this development enterprises ranging from start-ups to well-established companies of this millennium are employing Atlanta SEO services for Search Engine marketing strategies to outdo their competitors and increase brand awareness in relation to the goods and services they offer. Search Engine Optimization refers to skills employed by companies to increase their rankings in search engine results displayed whereas paid per click is a service offered by prominent companies who avail advertising space on their websites or sites at a fee.


Have you ever used magazines or billboards as a channel of marketing your business? Well, the same concept applies to pay per click advertisements except for the fact that PPC primarily uses search engines. Quite a number of well-known search engines the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo avail space within search engine results to display advertisements. The advertiser pays according to the number of clicks a particular advert has generated. On the other hand, SEO involves attracting more visitors to one’s site in order to generate traffic thus appearing higher in search results. SEO is basically a free technique that can be applied to any business if one is proficient in effecting it or a proficient SEO Atlanta expert can be hired the likes of Cardinal Digital Marketing. In both cases, there is an aspect of spending but for SEO once your site generates and maintains a higher traffic then costs will be cut, unlike PPC.


Generally, traffic in search engine marketing is simply the number of online users who gain access to a website by clicking on a search result that actually traces back to the site in question. Cardinal Digital Marketing insists that by applying the right SEO techniques you automatically increase the possibility of your site appearing high up in the ranks. A lot of time and resources is dedicated to developing quality content that will attract an audience. Traffic generated as a result of Cardinal Digital Marketing SEO is known as organic traffic and it’s free. PPC advertisement always attracts a good number of clicks but that automatically guarantees more money to be paid. Generally,an SEO Company in Atlanta uses keywords that require no cash to get access to.

Conversion rate

Now, the conversion rate in this context is majorly focused on the number of visitors to your site that will eventually become a potential customer by seeking goods or services you offer. Reaching your audience is just but the first step in marketing. Employing the likes of Cardinal Digital Marketing as a marketing agency ensures decent conversion rates. The main aim of a business is maximizing profits and gaining more markets all this entirely depends on conversion rate if you are using Atlanta SEO.