CROS Details Released By Tencent Games At GDC 2019

At the Game Developers Conference on 20nd March 2019 in San Francisco, Tencent Games released its Common R&D and Operation System (CROS). The company focused on the innovative technological solution of CROS which helped over 200 top mobile games in the world gain success.

The Tencent Games session in San Francisco also included a detailed case study of the famous mobile game PUBG Mobile. It mainly highlighted the points that helped the game to become a mega-hit. In addition, the case study also provided an insight into CROS products including Intelligent Network Optimisation (INO), WeTest, Mobile Tencent Protect (MTP) and Game R&D Solutions (G6).

  • With the help of INO, PUBG mobile is able to support more than 30 million active users on a daily basis. INO is basically transmission support and network optimization service that has been developed for real-time and multiplayer mobile-based games. INO is also known to customize Dual-Channel solutions. This enables the game date to get transferred in the multi-link network transmission.
  • G6 technology is known to provide support to cross-continental distribution and also the PUBG mobile game matches. This is done with the help of around the clock global data storage function.
  • G6 is also known to offer high-quality voice service from Gvoice.
  • 90% of the human labor and testing time for PUBG mobile has been reduced by WeTest. It makes use of AI technologies in order to test over 500 mobile devices. This helped the team to deploy a smooth multiplayer gaming environment.
  • PUBG mobile is provided anti-cheating systems by MTP security. It has a wide range of security tools to provide. This helps PUBG mobile to provide easy identification and also prevent mutation of cheat tool.

CROS happens to be one of the best all-in-one systems that supports the development of mobile games and operations. Tencent Games CROS is also known to provide a variety of key services to the game developers, such as Supercell, Garena, Epic Games and Miniclip. This helps them to overcome issues like network optimization, security, testing, and voice chat.