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Circles are a type of shape. They are considered a simple closed shape. The circle derives its shape from having a constant distant from any given point to its center. A circle divides its plane in two places; interior and exterior.

A circle has all points on it that are equidistant, meaning they have the same distance from the center. This is predominantly what forms their shape. This distance is measured and the measurement is called a radius.

Free Download - Green Watercolour Circle Png

The circle has many characteristics or definitions. A tangent is that line which touches the circle as it passes by. The secant of a circle is a line that cuts through the circle at two different places. The chord of a circle is a segment of a line that goes from one end of the circumference of the circle to another. The diameter is twice the size of the radius, it also passes all through the center. All these definitions make up what a circle is.

Examples of circle include things we can see in our everyday existence. Such things are the round bottom of a bottle, a camera lens, pizza, car tires, doughnuts, buttons of clothes, some circular cakes, ferris wheels, the face of a watch, etc.

In design, circle png can be inculcated to develop various other designs that will stand out. The goal of every designer is to create designs that can be used anywhere and for various purposes, this is why it is essential to always be on the look-out for elements that can elevate designs. Circle png is one of such elements.

Due to its malleable shape, it can be used with many other shapes to create great and beautiful designs. Circle png is quite useful in this capacity.

Brush Stroke Circle Png - Paint Stroke Circle

When I first stumbled on this, I didn’t know what I could achieve with it. Through lots of practice, I finally came up with a list of how to creatively design your circle png to bring forth memorable designs. Below is the list

  • They can be used in round infographic
  • As beautiful doodle designs
  • In pastel designs
  • As icons for Microsoft office
  • As icons in phone character smileys
  • To create gradient lines
  • To outline material designs
  • In iOS glyph
  • Infused with cute colors like yellow, blue, green, red and any color you can think of for design purposes
  • Used in windows metro designs

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