How to incorporate Branding, Identity & Logo Design

A logo, no doubt, is very essential for your company or firm, but it is in no way your company’s brand or identity. The logo design, identity and brand, together make the image of a product or business. The logo design cost depends on aspects like design education, particular equipments and software. They might seem a bit costly but it will be because the designers really put a great effort in planning to make that perfect logo for your company. There is many a web designer in Markham who will also design your logo. 

Differences between logo, brand and identity

Logo – A logo is a symbol, signature or mark by which your business or product is identified. It does not sell a business nor describe it directly. It describes the company in the simplest way. A logo takes its meaning from the quality of the product or the service of the business. It should not literally describe the company but represent it. A logo should be designed that is not too simple to not have any influence or too small that it is unidentifiable; the design should have the power to be recognized even from a distance and have an influence on the people to be curious about the goal behind it. 

Brand – A brand is the public name of a product or business made by people’s choice. The kind of services and products delivered by the company decides the fate of its brand. It cannot be made or created by a designer; it is developed by the audience. It can be called as the corporate image of a company. The corporate image of the company consists of everything that a company is and does- its goals, marketing strategies, values, products and services. A brand is not just some images and colors formed into art, but much more than that. It stands for what the company believes in and the way it works. A proper brand strategy development to advertise and promote the company will help in building up a strong brand name. Just a company cannot be a brand, sometimes big personalities also become popular brands.

Identity – To build a corporate image or brand name of a company, identity is very important. There are visual devices to incorporate the identity image of a company limited with a set of guidelines. These guidelines define the various mediums through which the identity is built. These mediums can be colors, specific fonts, shapes, designs, measurements, symbols and so on. None of them include any such elements which can offend a particular section or community of people. The visual devices can comprise of the following-

  • Uniform worn by employees. It can be designed to showcase and promote the company in some way or the other.
  • The logo of the company which represents the company.
  • Packaging of their products. They can be eye catching or classy to attract people.
  • Marketing strategies may include a particular mode to convey any announcements or promotion like emails, messages, brochures, website, etc.