BigScoots Shared Hosting Review + 90% Discount Coupon

BigScoots Shared Hosting Review

BigScoots is a web hosting company with a lot of different hosting options. Many of their web hosting plans are designed for pro website owners. There are some hosting options for beginners as well. BigScoots Shared Hosting is one of the low-end web hosting services of BigScoots. We are going to do a detailed BigScoots Shared Hosting Review today. This web hosting can also be a great option for people with multiple websites.

BigScoots Shared Hosting is one of those web hosting options that give you more than what you pay for. That is the case if you look at the resources included in all the plans of BigScoots Shared Hosting. Not only do you get those resources at such low prices, but you also get some great premium features without paying any extra amount.

The Shared Hosting category of BigScoots has 3 pricing plans. Each one of these plans is designed to suit the needs of maximum people. The main features included in these plans are free SSL and daily backups.

Keep reading till the end to find out more in this BigScoots Shared Hosting review. You will also get a 90% bigscoots discount coupon in this article.

BigScoots Shared Hosting

To start, BigScoots offers many web hosting types but shared hosting is the cheapest of them all. That does not mean that it is less superior than any BigScoots plan. The features and other resources are on par with the high-end plans of BigScoots hosting. The BigScoots Shared Hosting is one of the most popular hostings due to its low price and high resources.

The performance of the BigScoots Shared Hosting is not something that we can ignore. It has a brilliant uptime of 99.99% and gives a faster page loading speed. Apart from the performance, the key factor of BigScoots Shared Hosting is how affordable it is. You have to pay only $6.95 for the basic plan.

The features included with all the BIgScoots plans are also something to look at. BigScoots Shared Hosting plans include free SSL, free routine backups, a CDN, and many others.

The details of the pricing plans are discussed below.

BigScoots Shared Hosting Pricing Plans

There are 3 pricing plans offered by BigScoots in the Shared Hosting category. All the 3 plans are crafted in a way that a wider range of people can choose a plan according to their requirements. The resources and prices of the plans gradually increase as we go above.

The following are the 3 BigScoots Shared Hosting plans:

BigScoots Shared Hosting: 105cc

The first BigScoots Shared Hosting plan is called 105cc and it’s for a reason. This plan is lightweight and costs a small amount. You only have to pay $6.95 every month for this plan.

The following is a list of the resources included in this plan:

  • 5 Domains included
  • 5 GB of SSD storage
  • 100 GB of Bandwidth

BigScoots Shared Hosting: 155cc

This is the mid-sized plan of BigScoots Shared Hosting. It costs $9.95 every month. There are plenty of awesome features included in this plan. BigScoots allow unlimited domains with this plan.

The resources and features of this plan are the following:

  • Unlimited domains allowed
  • 10 GB of SSD storage
  • 200 GB of Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited mailboxes

BigScoots Shared Hosting: Turbo Diesel+

The last plan offered in the BigScoots Shared Hosting is called Turbo Diesel+. This name is given due to a special feature included in this plan. The monthly price of this plan is only $18.95.

The following is this plan’s resources:

  • Unlimited domains are allowed
  • 20 GB of SSD storage
  • 500 GB of bandwidth
  • Turbocharged

BigScoots 90% Discount Coupon

There are several discounts offered by BigScoots. Most of them are offered through the BigScoots promo codes. You can find plenty of active BigScoots promo codes in our coupons store.

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In short words, you have to copy this code first. Then go to the BigScoots website. Select a pricing plan of your choice there. Proceed to buy it and reach the checkout page. Paste the BigScoots promo code that you copied in its designated box there.

BigScoots Shared Hosting Review: Final Words

This BigScoots Shared Hosting review was all about how good and affordable this service of BigScoots is. It not only allows you to have the best performance but also saves you quite some money by making it affordable.

The BigScoots discount coupon is available above and you can use it to save 90% on BigScoots Shared Hosting. In short, BigScoots is a great web hosting option for those who are just starting or are looking for affordable but great-performing web hosting.