Best video downloader for Mac

Be it downloading a video or copying it for sending to one of your friends or any other video related work, for that matter, you will need a video downloader. When we are saying that you will need a video downloader, then we mean that it should be the best one, unless what is the use of it. Talking about video downloaders for Mac, then it is not easy to find a good one. Frankly, there is no this much time for everyone that they sit and compare every other downloader and then find one for themselves. Therefore, here is a list of few of the downloader that you can go with if you are Mac user.


This is definitely not a new name for Mac users, as this is the best downloader for this OS. This one is the smartest video downloader of all and has great features. It has access of 100 and above websites from which you can download videos. These websites include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and what not. The best part about the access to this website through VideoDuke is that you can directly use them using the VideoDuke app. You just have to open the VideoDuke app and then can simply type the name of these websites and then you will be directed to the main page of the specific website.

Along with this feature, there are other specifications of this application too. VideoDuke has two modes of working, simple and advanced mode. The simple mode of this application allows you to download videos very quickly. There are other benefits of using the advanced mode. You can open 4 tabs at a time using the advanced mode and can use all of them. The simple mode can even help you in downloading audios from videos. The software, Videoduke can be changed as a web browser also and can be used for downloading videos quickly.

If you are suffering from the loss of your favorite videos constantly, then you should definitely choose VideoDuke as your downloader. This app has a feature of bookmarking and you can bookmark your favorite videos if you want to see them later on. You just have to right click on the web browser in order to manage the bookmark of your videos.

Total video downloader

It is a very simple video downloader and the best thing about it is that it downloads the videos very fastly. This is definitely not as great as VideoDuke, but this has everything that a normal Mac OS video downloader should need in it. The way of downloading videos from this application is very easy as you just have to copy the link of the desired video and then have to paste it in this app. This won’t change the format of the video, once downloaded.

4K video downloader

Through this video downloader for Mac, you can get access to a lot of websites and you can actually download videos in any format you want. This application has obviously some drawbacks and that is the reason that we have placed this on the last number.

So, finding a good video downloader for Mac is not that difficult now. You can easily choose one of them from this list.