An introduction to computer crimes

Computer crime or popularly known as cyber-crime is a threat to every country. Cyber crime is the easiest way to do as your do crime in a virtual world. It is also sometimes the hardest to catch the criminal. Cyber crime can be very devastating for a country as it directly impacts its national security, economic prosperity, and public safety. Cyber crime is on the rise and so as the law enforcement. There are chances that you may be directly or indirectly involved in a cyber crime. In that case you must take a help from a cyber crime attorney so that he can help you from the case. Lannon and Williams are also a cyber crime expert attorney which can help you win your fight against the cyber crime.

Types of cyber crime

Cyber crime includes many types of crimes which are white collar crimes, theft crime, fraudulent crimeand even sex crimes are counted as a part of cyber crime.

Hacking:Hacking or unauthorized access is a process of accessing some other computer without the permission is referred to unauthorized access. Hacking is a crime which is very popular in many parts of the world. Many people are learning hacking tricks to access someone computer using the internet. There is a penalty on hacking depending upon the level of hacking that is done. An ideal hacking can easily get you behind the bars for 10 years.Related image

Corporate Account takeover:Corporate account takeover is also a form of cyber crime which falls under cyber theft category. This type of computer crime is usually done on a well-established corporate company. A person takeover the company funds account and transfer all the money to some other account using malwares and other types of electronic code reading gadgets. People with big bank balances are the potential candidates for the account takeover.

Frauds:Fraud is also a serious crime which is done with a person or a group of the people to collect some money from them by using the fraud means. Mostly the frauds are done because of the money. People do invest their money by their will and ends up losing all the money.

Identity Theft:Identity theft is also a serious crime in which a identity of a person is stolen and illegally used on the internet. Identity theft is done using electronic gadgets which secretly scans the identity issued by the government and makes a carbon copy of it.