Adding a 1800 number To Your Cell Phone

Today’s business owners are no longer confining themselves to the office. In fact, many entrepreneurs are now working with no traditional office space at all. Among the most popular alternatives for modern business owners include working from home via the internet and via cell phones when on the go. This is due largely in part to the boom of online commerce and internet advertising, which allows entrepreneurs to expand their reach on a global scale at a fraction of traditional startup costs.

Because a business cannot operate without a solid customer base, business owners must understand the importance of recognizing and catering to customer needs. The best way to satisfy customers is by being personable and easily accessible. This means having a phone number that makes it easy for consumers and potential business partners to contact you on. When callers connect with you personally, it strengthens brand loyalty – especially if your team is knowledgeable and able to provide great solutions over the phone.

Enhance Your Communication Efforts with 1800 Numbers

While telephone access is critical for business, one of the biggest hurdles small business owners face is finding a communication system that works for everyone regardless of their location and personal phone networks. Instead of using a phone number featuring a local area code, you can use 1800 numbers. These numbers avoid confusion and unnecessary fees for callers. Money is also saved on the backend of the business by streamlining business operations and preventing long distance fees.

Highlight Your Brand, Not Your Location

When incoming callers are forced to dial unfamiliar area codes, it can be an immediate turnoff because it highlights the fact that your business is in a distant location. 1800 numbers can also be linked to your cell phone, which is especially beneficial for solopreneurs who need to multitask and commute without missing phone calls. Adding an 1800 number to your cell phone brings focus to your brand instead of your location, allowing you to advertise your business products and services beyond your local market.

1800 Numbers Offer Flexible Options

Adding an 1800 number to your cell phone comes with numerous benefits due to its unique features, which can include a vanity line and or transcribed emails. If you customize your 1800 number with vanity numbers, your brand will be much more memorable and will attract more callers because they will be able to dial in based on a catchy phrase or slogan instead of a long string of random digits.  It’s easy to get 1800 numbers from companies such as Global Call Forwarding.

Not all businesses operate 24 hours. Therefore, there will be times calls cannot be answered and must be sent to voicemail. Voicemails allow you to hear the personal messages of callers who would like an immediate response, however, it is completely understandable that you may not be able to place a call to the voice mailbox and hear messages immediately. When this happens, the voicemails left at your 1800 numbers can be sent as an email so you can read the message instead of calling your voicemail during inconvenient times.

Toll Free Numbers Are Highly Compatible

An ideal way to stay within your company budget with no additional equipment is by adding an 1800 number to your cell phone. With so many phone networks available to the public, some business owners may assume that their cellular device is unable to double as a 1-800 business line. Because 1800 numbers connect through VoIP technology, it is compatible with most phone service providers. All you need is a phone line you already own, and your phone can be paired with 1800 numbers, regardless of the operating system.

If you add an 1800 number to your cell phone and you decide to purchase a new phone or change your personal number, your 1800 number will continue to work without interruptions.

Furthermore, if you decide to transfer your 1800 numbers to your home phone or an office location in the future, the transition will be quick and easy without additional equipment needs.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons to use an 1800 number. As your business grows, it’s important to have a communication system that’s scalable and functional at all times. Adding 1800 numbers to your cell phone can help you to organize your business contacts and attend to callers regardless of the size of your business. 1800 numbers won’t keep you limited to a small volume of calls and it will showcase your high level of professionalism while establishing trust in your market.