A Guide to 3D Structured Light Optical Scanning

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A 3D Structured Light Optical Scanner is able to measure a physical object and all its contours, shapes and dimensions with great accuracy using projected light from its laser beams. It also works with a highly optical camera to ensure accuracy and detail down to the very finest detail.

The principle behind 3D Structured Light Optical Scanning involves the very narrow band of light that scans. The data collected from the scanner will give measurements in intense detail and accuracy. This is regardless of the shape or form of the physical object being scanned.

3D Structured Light Optical Scanning is a complex technology that can dynamically spread its beams of light at arbitrary angles. This is a quicker and more versatile method of scanning an object and ensures greater accuracy and detail.

Patterns of Parallel Stripes

There are several methods of 3D Structured Light Optical Scanning but beaming patterns of parallel stripes is the most common procedure. 3D Structured Light Scanning is used to record data using a dual camera. A very narrow blue laser light allows for accurate and precise measuring of a physical object.

This method allows accuracy and precision regardless of external light or outside environmental influences. It uses a triangular principle to accurately measure the diverse contours of an object it aims to reproduce.

Grammatical photography is also used in conjunction with 3D Structured Light to scan large objects like boats, vehicles, small planes. It goes without saying that specialist software is then used to convert the data into a 3D image on a computer screen that appears a bit like a mesh. The software can spectacularly move the object on screen to whichever position the engineer wishes.

Small sections of the objects can be produced from the measured data or the entire project can be manufactured using a kind of “reverse engineering” principle. The specialist software uses the CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and allows the product to made all over again and down into the most precise detail.

Why Accuracy from 3D Scanning is good for Business

The valuable data obtained from 3D Structured Light scanning allows for such accuracy that the product and re-design is good for industry. It works dynamically for many industries. The type of industry sectors that benefit from regular use of 3D Structured Light and Optical Scanning are in the Aerospace and Automotive industries.