7 unique PC cases in 2022

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

This is a substantial case with a big price tag. However, we believe it is worthwhile to spend your money. It has a gorgeous handlebar design, curved glass panel, and elegant color scheme, all of which are complemented by characteristics that will accommodate even the most expensive components, including E-ATX motherboards and big GPUs. The discreet RGB lighting does not interfere with gaming sessions. This section is for people who are willing to go to any length to develop a Pc framework. Click here to buy Unique PC cases

Corsair Carbide 275R

This is one of Corsair’s best recent cases, and it may be the absolute minimalistic case. Aside from the little “sail” emblem on the front panel, the 275R is devoid of extra branding in favor of a clean appearance for the style-conscious. While the look is simple, the functionality isn’t. It can accommodate a 360mm radiator in the front and up to six 120mm fans. This is reasonably priced and suitable for both beginners and expert users.

PhanteksEvlov X

The Evolv X sticks out as an outstanding chassis for anybody wishing to create a mid-tower PC with something special. If your needs aren’t too severe, you’ll find it spacious to construct in, with enough beautiful small details and distinct design choices to accommodate practically any construct. It has a universal fan hub, three Phanteks Premium 120mm fans, and cable hiding flaps at the back to ensure that it looks excellent from any angle.

NZXT H210i

The H200i has been somewhat upgraded, including a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C connection on the front panel. Aside from that, the casing is the same, which is effectively a shrunken version of one of our favorite mid-tower chassis, the H710i. The case has two fans and one RGB LED strip, as well as NZXT’s Smart Hub. It has plenty of cooling and full-sized components, and it’s designed to handle mini-ITX designs. This case is well-known for cramming a high-end system into a small, minimalistic packaging.

Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

This PC case is well-known for its eye-catching RGB lights, which are guaranteed to steal the show. The Corsair 5000T has a plethora of LED RGBs, more than any other case in the company’s history. There are six RGB strips around the outside of the chassis, and the three LL120 fans may be set to light up in any hue of the rainbow. All of this is managed by the Commander Core XT and the iCUE software. It’s a well-built PC case designed for a high-end computer setup.

Razer Tomahawk ATX

Razer has been manufacturing elegant gaming laptops and peripherals for a long time, and the firm has funneled its knowledge – and lighting – into this mid-tower gaming PC case, which boasts several smart elements, most prominently built-in cable management and forwards opening doors for simple construction. Some individuals may find the Chroma lighting overbearing, even if it is merely beneath and not connected to any accompanying fans. It supports a 360mm radiator size, allowing you to easily keep high-end CPUs cool.

MSI MAG Forge 100R

There is no reason why a high-quality gaming case should be prohibitively expensive. MSI appears to agree with its MAG Series case series, with the 100R being perfect for any budget builder, guaranteeing that your money can be focused on your core components without sacrificing class. The compromises chosen to keep prices low aren’t going to be deal-breakers – the lack of support for 360mm radiators and only two drive bays spring to mind – but if these exclusions don’t bother you, then this is still an excellent case for the money.