6 Steps to hack your Nintendo Switch 8.0 with SX OS CFW

As we know, you can hack a Nintendo Switch console with an SX PRO or SX OS license. It’s already confirmed that the firmware 7.0.1 is cracked safely by an SX PRO. So, can we hack the latest 8.0.0 firmware update? Is it free to play games by SX PRO comprar in Portugal? Today you can find the solution.

Crack Nintendo Switch 8.0.0

So, can we crack the Switch version 8.0.0 with an SX PRO or SX OS license? Now the SX OS BETA 2.6.1 does not support this new firmware update 8.0.0. But the firmware 7.0.1 and lower versions are cracked by the SX PRO and SX OS. So if you like to play free games on the Switch, do not update your firmware to version 8.0.0.

In this case, does the SX PRO support hacking all switches? The answer is no, before buying an SX PRO, you must confirm the serial number of your Nintendo Switch. Because there are consoles that are patched (a ban) by the BigNintendo.

Nintendo Switch serial number checking: 

Series beginning with XAW1:

  • Series between XAW10000000000 – XAW10074000000 are safe to purchase
  • Serial numbers between XAW10075000000 – XAW10120000000 are possibly patched
  • Series above XAW10120000000 are permanently patched.

Series beginning with XAW4:

  • Series between XAW40000000000 – XAW40011000000 are safe to purchase
  • Serial numbers between XAW40011000000 – XAW40012000000 are possibly patched
  • Series above XAW40012000000 are permanently patched

Series beginning with XAW7:

  • Series between XAW70000000000 – XAW70017800000 are safe to purchase
  • Serials between XAW70017800000 and XAW70030000000 are possibly patched
  • Series above XAW70030000000 are definitely patched

Series beginning with XAJ1:

  • Series between XAJ10000000000 – XAJ10020000000 are safe to purchase
  • Serial numbers between XAJ10020000000 – XAJ10030000000 are possibly patched
  • Series above XAJ10030000000 are definitely patched

Series beginning with XAJ4:

  • Series between XAJ40000000000 – XAJ40046000000 are safe to purchase
  • Serials between XAJ40046000000 and XAJ40060000000 are possibly patched
  • Series above XAJ40060000000 are definitely patched

Series beginning with XAJ7:

  • Series between XAJ70000000000 – XAJ70040000000 are safe to purchase
  • Serial numbers between XAJ70040000000 – XAJ70050000000 are possibly patched
  • Series higher than XAJ70050000000 are permanently patched

Periodical serial numbers beginning with XAW9:

  • Reconditioned consoles directly from Nintendo, no information, but very possible all patched.

6 Steps to hack your Nintendo Switch 8.0

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial to install your CFW SX on your Nintendo Switch console.

What you need:

  • Your Xecuter SX PRO Kit
  • Your 32g, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB Micro SD, formatted in EXFAT.
  • Your Nintendo Switch updated and connected to your router SFR, BOUYGUES, ORANGE, Free etc.
  • Your Nintendo Switch must be connected to the internet.

The Dongle contains only 1 SX OS license, so you can activate only one license with this dongle.

Step 1. The SX PRO dongle

Turn on your Nintendo Switch, and plug your SX PRO dongle into the console to charge it a bit, leave about 5s and a small green LED below the dongle will light up.

Step 2. Put the SX OS on your Micro SD Card

  • Turn off your Nintendo Switch.
  • Take out the micro sd from your Nintendo Switch.
  • Copy / paste the boot.dat file to the root of the micro sd (SX OS V2.0.1).
  • Your SD card must be formatted in EXFAT

Step 3. Switch to RCM Mode (the recovery mode of the nintendo switch)

  • Remove your Joy-con right.
  • Insert the JIG instead, slide everything down.
  • Connect the Dongle SX PRO to your Nintendo Switch.
  • Press POWER and the BUTTON VOLUME “+” at the same time.

Step 4. Starting the SX OS: CFW SX

  • Press “Boot Custom FW”.
  • Then on continues.
  • And still on continues.
  • At this point the license is still not activated.

Step 5. Activation of your SX OS License online

Your Nintendo Switch connected to your router SFR ORANGE BOUYGUE etc …
In this example the activation of the SX license is done online, without going through the site sx.xecute (By going through the site you also activate the license is the offline or off-console mode)

  • Click on the icon at the bottom “ALBUM”
  • Now press the A button to vote right joy-con
  • In again on A, you will activate your license SX OS
  • You have just associated your SX OS license with your Switch.

Step 6. The Nintendo Switch games

  • You must now remove your card sd: ATTENTION it must be removed console off!
  • Your Nintendo switch games are in .xci format
  • Just copy them to the root of the SD card.
  1. If the console can not find your games:




You can rename them as follows:




This is the game’s filename, which is in the nfo.

How to hack the switch 8.0 without a ban?

If you take an SX PRO, how do you avoid a ban Nintendo? Do not worry, here are some tips.

– Whenever you use the SX OS CFW, set the switch to airplane mode.

– If you want to update your games, completely turn off your Switch and restart the SX operating system by holding down the + button. Select the official firmware (OFW), switch to Wi-Fi and for each game, press + to select updates via the Internet. You can turn off your Switch again by resetting the airplane mode and restarting it in CFW to take advantage of the installed updates.

– NEVER play online with game backips. Use your originals. If you want to play online, take the originals.

– Always have this reflex to switch to airplane mode when using the CFW.

As this user says, this technique is not without risk. It’s less risky than FreeShopNX or playing online with Roms, but the risk is still there.

Where to buy SX PRO and SX OS in Portugal and Brasil ?

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