6 Frequently Asked Questions about Security Cameras

A security camera is the perfect gadget that can be used for monitoring, surveillance and protection of properties that house important residents, both living and non-living. There are many types of security cameras and it is easy to get confused with which one is used for what purpose. Here are six of the most frequently asked questions answered for better understanding of security cameras:

  • What Are the Different Types of Security Cameras?

There are different kinds of security cameras out there and each of them has their own features and benefits. The most common types are motion detection cameras, nanny cameras, night vision cameras and Wi-Fi cameras. Motion detection cameras are programmed to only record when there is some activity taking place in the room. Nanny cameras are used to monitor your child and nanny while you are away. Night vision cameras are used in dimly lit areas and Wi-Fi cameras are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

  • Can My Cameras Be Hacked In?

Yes, there are many ways in which an attacker could hack into your security cameras. There are many possible backdoors like Hikvision backdoor that can leave your security cameras vulnerable. But to ensure this doesn’t happen, you should keep your firmware up to date.

  • Where Do Wireless Cameras for Security Get Their Power From?

Generally, wireless cameras have an inbuilt battery system that works on lithium-ion cells, but many of them need a simple charging cable to get their power boost.

  • Does My Security Firm Have Access to All My Security Cameras?

Most companies generally don’t have access to the security camera footage, but there are some companies that provide add-on services like video monitoring. If that is the case, then your company might have access to your security camera footage. You can check with the company to confirm.

  • How Is the Security Camera’s Footage Stored?

Depending on the type of security camera, here are some of the ways in which camera footage is generally stored:

  • NVR
  • DVR
  • Cloud Storage
  • VCR
  • Memory Cards
  • Computer-Based Storage
  • What Is the Maximum Distance That a Camera Can See?

Most of the cameras can see from 0 to 50ft of distance. There are cameras that can see further than that, but both close and far can’t be covered at the same time. This feature is similar to the zoom feature of the camera. If you zoom in, you would lose all that is close by and if you want to see what is close, you would have to zoom out. If you want to cover both close and far, then you should use two cameras.

Hope these FAQs shed some light on security cameras and their functioning.