6 Advantages Of Cloud-based CMMS

A cloud-based computerized maintenance system (CMMS) helps in keeping the records of all the assets, their maintenance schedules, and tracking their status in real time from the cloud. It functions just like other traditional locally-based systems but with some additional advantages:

1. Accessibility around the world

With a cloud-based CMMS system, you can access the software in any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection. You do not need to carry a specific device for the purpose. Also, you will not have to configure firewalls to get access to the on-site system if out of the office. This creates convenience and the flexibility since you can work from anywhere in the world.

2. No, IT costs

When you install the CMMS software, you will require the personnel and resources to maintain the software. A server system requires additional environment control which raises the operational cost. Some of these costs include hardware maintenance costs, licensing for the operating system, supports, and network configuration.

With the cloud-based system, you use the already available devices with the software. It lowers both the costs of adding new infrastructure and maintaining it to work effectively. You can use devices that may not work on the computer-based CMMS such as smartphones.

3. Easy to set up

The computer-based CMMS requires the installation of the software, the configuration of the hardware, and periodic update of the software. However, with the cloud-based solution, you are good to go as soon as you complete your registration. Moreover, the service provider updates the software regularly which ensures the software runs smoothly at all times.

4. Enhanced mobility

Work schedules have been continuously changing over the years. Nowadays, people can work from home, on business trips, and in the course of their travels. This cloud-based CMMS works perfectly with these new ways of working. You can accomplish your tasks and beat the deadline wherever you are without having to come to the office.

This flexibility is important for the maintenance personnel who are always on the move. The employees can complete their maintenance work and instantly update the system at any time. They also get updates wherever they are to help them schedule repairs and other maintenance services with ease.

5. Security and availability

Every computer-based system must be backed up to protect the data from loss in the event of a disaster. This requires additional resources and expertise. However, with a cloud-based solution, you do not need to worry about data loss and security of your information as it will be stored in a cloud database. Moreover, this database is available and accessible around the clock.

6. Continuous monitoring

There is a team of IT experts which monitors the cloud and databases maintained in it. Therefore, you are assured that someone will always be on the lookout to ensure that your system does not go down. In case it does, the service provider IT teams handle the problem instantly.

CMMS is the easiest way to keep a proper record of your assets, maintenance scheduling, depreciation, parts management, multi-site configuration, and other imperative tasks. Considering the above benefits, migrating to the cloud is a step in the right direction.