5 Ways To Become A Vlogger and Make Money On Youtube Video

Do you want to become a vlogger, get millions of subscribers, and make money on Youtube video?

It seems to be a hard job but practical for numerous people had succeeded. You can do it as well.

In case you haven’t known what to do in your first vlog, and here, I will share with you 5 ways to start vlogging:

1. How to vlogs

This is the most common way to be known on Youtube. Because people keep looking for the instruction of how to this thing and that thing.

And they tend to search on Youtube to get image and audio at the same time instead of words and words on websites. It’s much easier to understand. This is fertile soil for vloggers.

Moreover, if you do how to vlogs about basic things in daily life such as “how to remove rust from tools” or “how to mildew form fabric”, they’ll never be out of date, and the number of views keeps increasing over time.

Besides providing helpful and easy-to-follow information to viewers, vlog must be attractive, exciting to watch, and not too long.

Never show up on the screen and read instruction step by step; it’s a disaster. Be creative.

2. Unboxing products

It is a type of vlog that Youtubers usually do, but it will cost you at the start. Because you have to pay for the product you are going to review. Bring it home, open it, describe and review everything related to it.

Before people make a shopping decision, they all want to know what it looks like inside the package and what former users talk about it. Your vlog is a source of reference for viewers.

This type of vlog requires you to have a certain understanding of a certain group of products. So people may believe in you, and your name is mentioned as a product specialist. That’s when manufacturers will contact you to give you free products and ask you to review them.

It’s mostly done with technology devices such as phones, laptops, tablet. You should choose hot products on the market to take advantage of current attention. It will increase the chance of being known for your vlog.

3. Pranks/Challenges

These prank vlogs aim to bring laughter to viewers. Anyone love to laugh, right? The more they laugh, the more money run into your Youtube channel. This type of video is appealing to teens, younger audience.

Pranks require not a few preparations for partaker ( a partner or a group, because you can’t pull on a prank on yourself), tools,…Go on the Internet and download a list of pranks that people like and share a lot, and you can do that again first. Or if you have another prank which you believe is funnier and unique, just do it.

Another idea you can consider is taking up famous challenges. Do you remember challenges like “Ice bucket challenge” or “Mannequin Challenge”?. Many YouTubers did it and posted on youtube, and people don’t see it as dull and kept watching videos with the same content.

It’s a great way to start vlogging. To make sure that your vlog will stand out, add some differences.

4. Viral News

There’s nothing easier than jumping into what’s hot at this moment to make money on Youtube video. It’s viral news. The attention from the social community will boost your vlog. Go on the Internet and see what most people are talking about or what they are watching. Take it as the main idea and develop it.

To know what people like to see these days, you can hit the Trending Video tab on Youtube. Then quickly make one vlog related to that “something”. When people search, your video is also included in results.

Everything has two sides. Something emerges quickly, sink quickly. Maybe vlog will get a lot of views in the first period, but it may be not long-lasting.

Don’t worry, make your channel known to people with this vlog first and later you can produce more excellent vlogs.

5. Food Review

Reviewing food is recording the scene that you try a new dish or any dish that you think people will love to watch. While you eat, you will say how it tastes, etc.

We all love food. There’s something very satisfying to watch food-related vlog. You will have various things to do. And, you don’t have to have in-depth knowledge of food to review, every single of us is already a food reviewer in daily life.

To vlog not merely as just sitting and eating, you can do some research about tested food such as origin or ingredients and tell viewers. I believe it will add more value to your products.

In a larger scale, you review food and beverage in restaurants or any food selling places like street food vendors. If you gain more reputation in the future, restaurants will contact you to give them reviews for free dishes. How fantastic this job is!

In conclusion,

 These are five common ways to become a vlogger on Youtube, and if you invest in it enough, surely you can make money on Youtube video.

Don’t forget that everything takes time, including vlogging. Keep calm and become a successful vlogger.