5 Ways A Microsoft Teams Solution Can Make Any Business More Productive

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Unproductivity remains a leading problem in any work setting. OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) report shows that most jobs continue to be created in low-wage activities and low-productivity. However, the employment rate is high over the years.

From 2011 to 2016, employee productivity has increased to 0.3%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it’s good news, unproductivity remains a never-ending predicament among employees and businesses of any size in the US and worldwide.

But it is possible to increase workplace productivity. Apart from reducing distractions, improving workplace conditions, setting realistic goals, practicing positive reinforcement, and offering support, it is vital to have the right technology.

Microsoft Teams is a growing platform for organizations. Experts believe it has generated $6.8 billion in revenues in 2020 alone. It has recorded 95 million users in the same year because of the coronavirus.

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is a platform that integrates content, tools, and people to make companies more productive than ever.

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams transformed into a go-to and one-stop application for organizations from multiple industries.

Microsoft Teams is also available with a desktop and mobile application for Android and iPhone devices. It can also be accessed over the internet without any inconvenience.

How Microsoft Teams Make Business Productive? 

  1. It Improves Communication within an Organization

Around 64% of businesses said that communication is one of their top priorities. Also, 97% of employees believe that communication affects their tasks every day.

However, 60% of companies do not have an effective and long-term strategy for their communication. Choosing the right channel is worth your time and effort.

Microsoft Teams is one of the platforms you deserve. It features a chat window that allows any organization to have a quick and convenient conversation with workers.

But it goes beyond that. Microsoft Teams makes file sharing and video conferencing more seamless than ever.

Before, companies needed to print documents. With Microsoft Teams, it can be accessed online as quickly as possible.

Apart from streamlining business procedures and operations, Microsoft Teams gives every employee enough time to focus on other important projects, helping them ensure quality outcomes and meet deadlines, too.

There is no long waiting time. Sharing files, conducting a business conference, and communicating with colleagues will be fast and convenient.

  1. It Minimizes Unproductivity in Business Meetings

Studies have shown that the time spends in business meetings has increased by 10% since 2000.

Also, 47% of employees said that meetings just wasted their time at work.

Microsoft Teams is developed to help organizations save their time when conducting daily, weekly, or monthly meetings.

The preparation for a business conference is challenging. But say bye to any hassle with Microsoft Teams as it can take everyone’s experience to the next level.

After creating the meeting, team members can raise questions and chat with other participants automatically. It is also easy to keep track of meeting notes. Likewise, the recording of the conference is readily available.

So, there’s no need to read a pile of documents on your working shelves. The file is accessible in a single place for ease of use and productivity.

But switching to Microsoft Teams is not as simple as 1, 2, 3. Do not worry! Many companies now provide comprehensive and reasonably priced Microsoft Teams training.

  1. Fewer Emails, Better Business Operations

Research has also revealed that an average worker usually spends 28% of their workweek on email alone. It amounts to 11 hours per week.

Suppose an employee sends or receives 620 emails per week. So, he/she spends around 1.1 minutes on every email.

But wait, there’s more! Every time you check emails, you lose concentration. Science says that a person requires 23 minutes to get back on his/her task.

Let’s say you check your email at least five times a day. That means you lose additional 1.9 hours.

It is time to avoid distractions from email with Microsoft Teams. Every conversation is organized, and you no longer need to respond to emails one by one. Just click the Reply All button on the platform. That’s it.

You also do not need to ask a one-liner question or send an email thru an email anymore. Microsoft Teams offers a chat feature.

  1. It Leads to Collaboration 

Over 83% of employees depend on technology for collaboration.

If collaboration in your organization is poor and you are looking for an advanced platform to increase teamwork, Microsoft Teams should be on top of your mind.

But how does it promote collaboration within an organization? Well, the integration with Office 365 made it possible. You do not have to switch apps every time you collaborate on a document. Isn’t it convenient?

With Microsoft Teams and Office 365, creating a Word, PowerPoint, and Excel document is not as overwhelming as before. You can immediately share the file with your colleagues within a second or two. Co-authoring on a document is also effortless.

Before, we sent out different versions of documents thru email, and it usually led to confusion. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams helps you quickly add to-dos and comments to guide your co-workers throughout a project.

  1. It Improves Company Culture and Guarantees Easier Data Management 

As Microsoft Teams introduces new ways to communicate, the bonds between members of every company department flourish and strengthen.

Over time, it leads to better employee engagement and satisfaction in the workplace environment. Studies confirm that employees are 42% happier with company operations or processes a few months after switching to Microsoft Teams.

That’s not all! Microsoft Teams provides a reliable and secure repository for company details. That is why tracking down information on customers, employees, and projects is 63% faster than expected. Also, the IT team has fewer locations to secure or protect against breaches.


So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you are running a business or using outdated technology, it is time to switch to Microsoft Teams.

When set up, it can improve communication in your organization, streamline operations, and open countless successful opportunities for your business.