5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing’s Time Has Come

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Social media influencers have come on the scene, and are creating countless opportunities for innovative marketers.

Due to the global influence of social media, consumers use others to influence what they buy. They used to look to companies, but now they use one another and celebrities who have large followings on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other websites. The ad industry now thinks that influencer marketing has come of age.

Social media influencers are creating countless opportunities for innovative marketers. By designing branded advertising with social media influencers, companies can multiply the effect of their message while persuading their audience.

It’s important to realize that influencer marketing is new. So you will have to learn about it, on top of everything else you’re doing. You should apply time management tips to get informed while avoiding being distracted. Many are reluctant at the risk of not keeping up with the increasing number of marketers who are using influence marketing. In this article, Ege Marketing shows 5 reasons why every marketer must start an influence marketing campaign.

1. It’s Strong

There is nothing better than hot word-of-mouth recommendations to close a sale. They found that sales based on word-of mouth resulted in a 37 percent higher retention rate.

Influencer marketing creates a great chance for brands to use the strength of word-of-mouth at scale through celebrities that consumers like and follow.

2. It’s Social

There’s no hiding it — everyone is on social media. Maybe your business should be. A study by Salesforce discovered that 70 percent of brands are increasing their investment on social media marketing next year.

Don’t consider that it’s just another option to long-established media — it’s impacting older media in powerful ways. Previously, consumers bought products based on ads they saw. Now, it’s simpler for them to interact with others via social media. They make sounder choices by learning from the experiences of others.

Brands can strategically partner with the right celebrities to spark natural conversations that persuade their followers.

Consumers want brands to speak to them, not at them. They don’t want to be sold to. They want to be amused and taught something new. So, influencers have become a force that should not be underestimated. If brands can team with celebrities, they can ignite natural conversations and persuade their followers.

3. Consumers Are Turned Off by Paid Advertising

The typical American sees 5,000 ads per day according to research company Yankelovich. No matter whether this is a true or not, it sends a clear signal: we see a huge number of ads.

The truth is that consumers see so many ads, they are experiencing “banner blindness,” where consumers unconsciously ignore the ads. This trend has been studied by Infolinks, a digital advertising platform provider, that found just 14 percent in their study could recall the most recent ad they saw and describe what was being marketed. Given the volume of ads confronting them, it’s obvious why consumers enjoy AdBlock, Netflix, and Spotify Premium since these sites remove ads from the typically ad-loaded media experience.

4. It Improves SEO

Influencer marketing not only grows brands and increases sales, it improves search engine ranking. The Social Media Revolution found that for the top 20 global brands, social media posts by individual users made up 25 percent of all search results. By getting more posters to mention your brand, your popularity and relevance on Google increases.

5. It’s Targetable and Traceable

If you are not using data to support your business, you are at best blindfolded. For years, the ad industry was blindfolded, using strategies that gave inconclusive information about reaching your audience, understanding influencers, and the impact of your brand building.

By using online marketing tools now, you can store and analyze website visits, social media likes, and pictures posted. These things can give you an immense amount of data to provide you insights to focus your marketing and improve your ad performance.