5 Actionable Content Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic

Content marketing is done with a single purpose in mind which is to drive traffic to your content. If your content marketing strategies are not doing as good as you expected them to do, you should definitely try these five actionable content marketing tips to drive more traffic.

  1. Increase Your Visibility On Search Engines – There are many ways to increase your visibility on search engines and one of the powerful ways are to get quality backlinks. Therefore, you should make efforts to get quality backlinks with guest posting, blog commenting and buying services from SEO professionals who can give you backlinks from trusted sites and high PR sites.
  2. Write More Content – The more content you write, the more frequently they are going to get indexed by the search engines, and higher will be your chances of going viral. If one content goes viral, it is likely that the visitors will check other contents especially the related ones. Therefore, you should also have a related posts section at the end of the article. If you cannot write contents regularly, use Contentmart to find verified writers to get the job done. Quantity equally matters as quality.c
  3. Find Influencers – Finding influencers is not easy and convincing them is another matter. But at least, you should know a lot of influencers who are likely to share your content. BuzzSumo is a platform where you can spot the influencers and ask them to tweet your content link or share it on their social media profiles. Twitter is the best place to find influencers like celebrities.
  1. Graphics and Data – If you want your article to do self-content marketing, you need to make your article not only great but epic. To make it epic, infographics are the key. Content with infographics are very less, and hence, all the articles with unique infographics get maximum shares. With shares on social media accounts, your articles are likely to go viral in a matter of few hours.

To design an infographic, you need data and facts.  Therefore, do your research thoroughly. You should at least include creative graphics and customized feature images that would make you look unique.


  1. Think Long Term – When you start thinking long term with content marketing, SEO is the key to success. SEO requires time and over the long run, the result would be fantastic. It is like continuously putting effort without caring about the result. But you need to do it the right way with keywords, backlinks and all the little steps for successful on-site SEO. It is, therefore, better if you outsource your content writing to professional writers on Contentmart and focus more time on SEO and graphics designing.

Keep these things in mind and getting more traffic will become a reality.