3 Best IBM I Customization Tools And Their Benefits

Customization of IBM I apps is not an option but a necessity if you want to survive the IT market competition. The IT market is basically an innovative sector where new tools and techniques keep emerging from time to time with the purpose of providing users with improved navigation and visual experience. Thence is the need for different app customization tools, solutions, services, and techniques so that your website looks no less than the others in the same niche. Nathless, considering the urgency, the list below will take you through a series of 3 IBM I apps modernization tools, services, and products, and their benefits. Scroll down to read the details.


3 Most Effective IBM I Modernization Tools And Products


The following 3 products and tools by Fresche solutions are the best ways to help your business grow and flourish.


  1. X-Analysis Suite – The X-analysis suite is perfect for companies that aim to use new computer languages without discarding the old ones like RPG and COBOL. So, basically, this is a kind of business continuity tool that helps in improving code quality  


  1. Document Management Tools – Automated database management tools are built with the purpose of properly arranging documents in their respective databases. It helps in a smooth and seamless workflow. The best example of the success of such automated tools is the business rules documentation. Business rules database contains the list of all existing company rules. Thus, whenever is the need to refer to a rule or change or rewrite an existing one, it’s very easy to locate the specific rule in the database


  1. GUI, Web & Mobile Services – These are automated services that allow IBM I apps to be accessed from the web and as well as mobile devices. Besides, the use of graphics to represent files on the home page of the website is a great designing technique to attract customers


5 Benefits Of IBM I Modernization


  1. It helps employees in sharing documents with each other so that the progress rate of the project can be monitored efficiently
  2. It increases business growth by decreasing the monetary losses caused by human errors
  3. It improves the navigation speed of the website that attracts more and more users
  4. It helps companies in streamlining different departments in the company with each other for faster approval
  5. It increases staff productivity by reducing the work stress since automation tools reduce the workload by half