25% Off on VPS Server – MilesWeb Review

How happy are you to have created an identity on the internet?

It has been a while since you started as a beginner. You began with shared hosting services, as that was the correct selection at the moment.

Shared hosting enables websites to create a presence online. It helps users in gaining customers and audiences. But with time, as the traffic increases beyond its capacity, the server cannot manage it.

To be able to handle more traffic, VPS is the better hosting service after shared hosting.

Even a dedicated server in that case is the perfect selection. But, it is also better to climb step by step. 

A VPS server helps in ranking factors of the website. It provides privacy that you don’t get in shared hosting services.

More About VPS

A VPS server is a virtual private server. The host provides a physical server and divides it into many virtual parts among different users. You own a complete virtual server and get personal resources. 

In shared hosting, your resources are not yours. You share them with thousands of users. Sometimes other users’ activities also have an impact on your website, which invades privacy. 

When you switch to VPS server hosting, you receive better privacy. You enjoy an isolated hosting area where every resource is yours. 

You can purchase quality yet cheap VPS servers from MilesWeb hosting company. The company has been in business for years. So, they have served more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

We have had a good user experience with MilesWeb for our different websites. They offer a 25% discount on all VPS hosting plans, which could be beneficial. That is why we are recommending them as the top leading provider. MilesWeb offer best web hosting in Australia and across the world.

VPS VS Shared Hosting Comparison 

Shared hosting services are generally for beginners. It provides the utmost benefits to small to medium-sized blogs/businesses. 

You and other users share the same server and resources. So, as a beginner, you have enough resources. As you grow, you need more of them.

Sharing at a growing stage is not an option. You will face low speed and performance. Your website will load slower than before. Due to this, your visitors can show disappointment in you.

While a VPS server lets you have privacy. You will not share any of your resources with others. That is the power you get here. 

If the host provides many users with the same physical machine, you own a private virtual part out of it. 

Every user gets a virtual server and dedicated resources so that no other user’s activity impacts another. 

Mostly when one starts receiving more traffic than usual, they will need more resources and privacy and no security risks so, they opt for a VPS server. 

With VPS server hosting, you can expect an improved hosting experience. MilesWeb VPS hosting plans are affordable and offer incredible features. 

Managed VS Self-managed VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is available as both managed and unmanaged. Several companies provide both services for VPS hosting, including MilesWeb.

The basic difference between the two is simple.

Managed Linux VPS hosting is for those who are not familiar with technical stuff. With it, users get better server management that is crucial for growth. 

Some companies do not have time or personnel for managing their servers. They can also opt for managed VPS hosting services. 

Managed VPS servers make hosting easy. You don’t have to worry about server management as your host looks after it. 

You get 24/7 assistance. 

On the other hand, Self-managed VPS is preferred by those who are technical. If you are familiar with technical stuff, you can go for an unmanaged VPS server.

Companies that want to look after their servers and don’t want a dependency purchase unmanaged/self-managed VPS hosting. 

Does VPS Offer Enough Security?

Absolutely. VPS servers provide more security than shared servers. You get private space and an isolated environment. So, security is assured.  

Plus, MilesWeb VPS hosting ensures higher protection. You will get a free SSL certificate will all VPS hosting plans. Very few web hosts offer free SSL, and MilesWeb is one of them.

You don’t have to pay any additional cost. It will be included in any VPS plan you choose. 

SSL certificates are essential for every website. They secure every piece of information on your website and improve company authenticity. 

More Benefits

1 Dedicated IP – You get a unique dedicated IP address for your website. You don’t share this IP address with other users.

Host Unlimited Websites – You can host multiple websites with VPS server hosting. There’s no limit to the number of sites you want to host. 

100% Customer Support – MilesWeb offers 24/7 customer support to its users. They will assist you at any hour via email and chat. 

Conclusion – 

A VPS server is a good choice if you are looking forward to more growth, whereas shared hosting can hinder progress. 

VPS will provide you with more power and privacy over the hosting. You can choose managed or unmanaged VPS hosting accordingly.

If you opt for MilesWeb VPS hosting, you also receive a 25% discount (terms and conditions apply).