10 Must-Have Features of an Employee Communication App

The Must Have features of an Internal Communications App - StaffConnect

Certainly, a communication application for employees at work is important to companies these days. Due to the ongoing pandemic, several businesses have shifted their offices to the homes of their workforce. It made it quite difficult for every member to stay connected and informed about everything that is going on in the organization. That’s why companies have started bestowing more of their money on mobile applications that keep the communication going between their workers. 

An employee communication app is developed to make internal interaction easier and more convenient. It is modeled to work adequately on smartphones and deliver important data anywhere and anytime. 

But when it comes to purchasing one, we often get confused between several options we encounter in the market. So, read on the following must-have features of a mobile-based communication application for your workforce. 

A Mobile-First Platform

The thing is, not everyone possesses a desktop, but most of the employees do have a smartphone. Therefore, you need to look for something that is accessible via mobiles. Also, choose a mobile-first intranet solution that is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. This way, it will be more likely to be downloaded and used regularly. 


No one set of features fit every business’ needs. Thus, find one that is easily customizable and tailored according to your individual business needs. It should reflect the uniqueness of your company, including its logo and colors selected to appear on the screen. 

Chat Function

We are talking about communication here, which is incomplete without a chat function. If you intend on reviewing the chat conversation to remind what the participants discussed and clarify, choose to have it in your ultimate mobile solution. 

Instant Messaging

Delayed messaging is a drawback you can’t afford in these hard times. Therefore, look for an instant messaging feature to convey critical information to the recipient quickly. These messages can also be sent back and forth without disturbing other employees.

Content Sharing

It enables the team members who are working on the same projects to find and access documents in a single place. As a result, it ensures that the focus of the workforce remains on productive tasks only. 

Push Notifications

It can be used in many ways like for conveying urgent company-wide news, updated safety guidelines, targeted updates, etc. Besides, you can leverage this feature to broadcast instructions in case of emergencies. 

Company News

This can act as a channel to broadcast company news to everyone in the organization. If the company is mentioned in the press or has been awarded, you can share it with your workforce via this platform. Furthermore, announcements like coming from the desk of the CEO can be made from the top-down through this application. 


Interested employees can sign up on this application to take advantage of the ongoing training opportunity on the intranet. It is more convenient for them to get trained. Even managers can keep track of the performance and progress of the workers. 


This is a good place to post certain notices that everyone needs to be aware of. These notices include the latest results of the employee surveys, upcoming parties or special events, a system problem that might affect work, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of having the department of human resources spend their crucial time on answering the frequently asked questions of workers, have an FAQ feature in your mobile application. This way, you can make all the answers readily available to everyone anytime and anywhere. 

Selecting one that fits your business needs is more daunting than finding different options available in the market. But, not anymore! With this guide on must-have features of an employee communication app, you will no longer face such difficulty.