Xiaomi and The best Options for Your Purchase

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A competitor of the iPhone XS to less than 500 euros? This is the challenge that launched the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi with its Mi 8. This smartphone has the arguments of a high-end phone with a floor price in terms of features. It was enough to sharpen the curiosity and encourage us to test it thoroughly. Result: very good surprises and few defects.

But which smartphone does Xiaomi choose? The catalog is wide and offers both high-end affordable and entry-level low price. 9 Mi, Mi Mix 3 ,  Pocophone F1, the redmi Note 7 , or Mi A2 under Android One find all the best references Xiaomi in 2019. You can visit NoypiGeeks for the best results now.


  • A beautiful screen


With a beautiful quality finish and a 6.21-inch OLED panel that occupies nearly 90% of the facade, the Xiaomi Mi 8 has nothing to envy to an iPhone, a Samsung, a Huawei or a Sony. The color rendering of the screen is excellent and its size allows to watch videos comfortably (a small notch, as on the iPhone, nibble a little screen to accommodate the photo sensors on the front). You can visit noypigeeks.com for the best information for the same.


  • An ultra-fast unlocking


As for the iPhone or OnePlus, the Xiaomi Mi 8 offers an opening of the phone by facial recognition. It is reliable (even in the dark) and extremely fast. Simply lift the phone and look at it so that the desktop will appear immediately, with no waiting time.


  • An excellent autonomy


The Xiaomi Mi 8 is a real camel when compared to other smartphones on the market. In our tests, it held a little over 14 hours in mixed use when most smartphones are content to 10 to 12 hours under the same conditions. Only downside: this smartphone does not support induction charging. Pity.


  • A good camera


If we look back at the Xiaomi Mi 8, we could be wrong with an iPhone (with a similar sensor 12 MP). With its glass back and its sensors placed vertically slightly outgrowth, it’s a real copy and paste. In terms of quality, the camera surprised us well, including for the night photos. We regret just a tendency to a little too smooth the photo by software processing, a current flaws on smartphones in general. Visit https://www.noypigeeks.com for more on this.

Final Words

At this price (499 euros for 64 GB and 549 euros for 128 GB), the Xiaomi Mi 8 is the effect of one of the best deals currently on the market for a high-end smartphone. We simply regret the lack of microSD location to increase storage. Especially since the quality of his camera and its video capture encourages more shots and shots. Also watch out for his slippery back he will have to find a hull to not be afraid to let him escape. In Noypi Geeks you will k now all of these.