With a plethora of applications hitting the app store everyday, the need to have an exceptional mobile app marketing strategy is crucial to success. Gone are the days when the app’s quality and features used to market itself. Nowadays, users have a variety of options to choose from. In this fiercely competitive world, you cannot build a robust app and not market it. Marketers can no longer rely on good fortune and app store placement to do the wonders. Today, marketers deploy a mix of marketing strategies and channels to market the app and embark on the journey of success.

To attract and retain an organic base of customers, mobile marketers leverage a hybrid of actionable marketing mediums as part of their mobile app marketing plan to ensure enhanced results and growth.


Different Marketing Channels To Buck Up App Downloads

Deploying more than one marketing channel can increase the probability of success of the app and capture a wide range of customers. Let’s explore 05 workable marketing channels to carry out your mobile app marketing plan & attract more customers for your app:


  • Social Media


The digital giant that has revolutionized the way how marketing is done, social media marks as an important channel to put your message across. With a plethora of social media users, the scope of this channel is never-ending. You can target a large customer base without spending a huge sum of money.


  • Influencer Marketing


Endorsements from celebrities, movie stars, singers, social media influencers are the newest bandwagon companies are hopping onto. Although celebrity endorsement might be incredibly expensive, it is very effective when it comes to results.



If your app gets featured as the app of the day, your app’s downloads will instantly skyrocket and enter the kingdom of success quickly. The best part about being published on already established sites is that people trust the reviews and opinions of these sites and increase your chances of developing a solid customer base for life.


  • Television Advertising


While not every app has the budget to market itself using the television channel, the benefits of this channel cannot be underestimated. If your app has a large budget for marketing, this channel is the best to use in terms of ROI.


  • Search Marketing


Leveraging search marketing tools allow users to focus on a specific target group by tailoring keywords and content based on the customer insight. This also helps you to increase your app ranking in the apps store and become more visible.



When deciding which marketing channel is best for your app, always consider the type of people that make up your customer base and where they are found mostly. Whether you have a huge budget for marketing, or you are working on a small fund, having a mobile app marketing strategy is imperative to succeed in this competitive world. Choose the marketing channels that put your message across in the best manner and target your customers directly in order to achieve continuous growth.