WikiFX: The only Forex Safety Belt You Need! 

WikiFX Concept 

Investing in the forex industry can be a lot like driving a car on a busy highway. You need to know which lanes you can trust to get you where you need to be headed, and which routes to avoid leading you nowhere, in this case, shoving you down the throats of scam artists. The is akin to a modern GPS-car guide on the unpredictable Forex roads, offering the information necessary to avoid doom and instead steer into verified and trustworthy opportunities. It provides valuable assistance to newbies and even seasoned traders, with its many Forex functionalities that keep you from the harm swirling around the industry.

WikiFX features

WikiFX is available for download on the Apple Store as well as Google PlayStore.

Like the forex safety belt it is, don’t forex trade without WikiFX. Here’s how this app protects investors from an opportunistic Forex world:

  • NFA, ASIC, FCA, you name it, WikiFX has it all. Its extensive list of regulators and brokers include the industry’s heavyweights who have been around a long and prosperous time. Specifically, there are upwards of 19,500 brokers enlisted as per 31th July 2020, watched over by more than 30 regulators.
  • Scammers are named and shamed in an all-new exposure section. WikiFX shines a spotlight on the crooked so you can know precisely what names not to do business with.
  • Does a deal sound too good to be true? Get to the root of the matter with broker verification. Get broker information from an extensive database, including virtual field surveys of offices.
  • A ranking system that organizes the most prominent names in the field of Forex, so you can have peace of mind when considering your next investment opportunity.
  • A comprehensive Forum to air your opinion and seek that of others. There’s also an always active Forex new section that brings you the latest.

How the app works

Curious about the day’s spread? Get all the latest figures from the “Spread” option on the WikiFX homepage. Need to know about the hottest scams to steer clear of? Simply tap the red “Exposure” to get the full scoop. If you’d like a trusted broker option for none of the research work, tap on “Ranking” for a point-based arrangement of the best.

Why WikiFX is among the finest of its kind

19,500 brokers is a tremendous figure that’s not common among Forex apps, and this is one of the reasons the WikiFX Broker Regulator Inquiry App is in a league of its own. The other reasons include field surveys that go into great detail about broker companies and an unrivaled ability to always keep your Forex investments safe!