Why you need to take advantage of the eCommerce website development PSG Grant in Singapore now

With more people starting small businesses, some governments are finding means to support and encourage them. The Singaporean government has taken some steps to encourage small businesses to adopt and inculcate the latest technologies as much as possible to increase productivity in their business. The Productivity Solutions Grant, a funding opportunity launched in 2018, is one such step. The PSG Grant covers a wide array of industries that can benefit from it, including food, retail, precision engineering, landscape industry, construction, and logistics. 

Why is this grant beneficial?

Singapore takes pride in its reputation as an economically progressive nation where innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are highly encouraged. The government continuously strives to develop better schemes and grants that align with this ideology. The PSG Grant is no exception. 

The Productivity Solutions Grant was created to help small to medium-sized enterprises that are pro-technology to be able to afford and utilise the latest technologies and equipment well-suited for increasing productivity. This also gives massive incentive to other similar businesses to integrate a more technologically savvy approach to conducting business. Every business owner with an eCommerce business transactions setup will find a lot of benefits to the PSG and must take advantage of the eCommerce website development PSG Grant now; here’s why:

Tasks and Expenses: When it comes to starting your business website, there are numerous tasks and expenses to incur like data analytics, management of financial assets, SEO services, website design and development, and much more. Often, these expenses can be a lot for SMEs, leading them to avoid digitising their processes. The eCommerce website & development PSG grant offers up to 70% expense support to such businesses to promote their “transformational journey” from manual to digital. As the grant covers various industries, all businesses need to check to see the extent of support they are eligible for. Certain businesses, including Food and Retail industries, are now eligible for up to 80% expense support. 

Guided Help: When businesses try to apply for the PSG Grant for eCommerce web design & development, they will have to contact an agency that will help check out the eligibility and scope of receiving the grant for the client. These agencies can also advise on how businesses can better utilise technological tools to increase productivity even more and gain the full benefits of the PSG Grant. These agencies would also help throughout the application process as needed by the business. 

Opportunity for Growth: With Singapore making extensive efforts to encourage businesses to transform from an utterly manual to a partially manual and partially digital platform, the PSG grant is proving exceptionally beneficial. This grant allows businesses to effectively handle various eCommerce website design & development tasks, including website creation, revamping the website as per requirement, as well as website maintenance. These aspects of running an eCommerce business are crucial and require expert handling. These can also be very time-consuming and expensive, which may lead businesses to shy away from getting involved at all. The PSG grant helps take care of all this and much more.