Why tablets are the device of choice for news junkies

Newspapers were once the way that everyone consumed their news. Over breakfast, on rain rides and public transport, or at home in the evenings, the average person spent at least twenty minutes a day perusing a paper in order to stay up to date with the state of the world. In recent times that has changed considerably as the emergence of the internet and social media has changed the way that we consume our news. It has reached a point where old-school print is in a state of rapid decline, while digitally consumers are now looking to consume their content via tablets. Here are a few reasons why the tablet is emerging as the instrument of choice for consumers of news.


Tablets are robust devices that are easy to carry, and which last a long time. In many ways they are like mobile phones, but with significantly enhanced viewing capabilities. We all know how durable mobile phones are and tablets are no different. Especially if they are covered up and protected properly. If you are a tablet owner, make sure that you protect your properly if you are going to be using it regularly. A quick online search for a phrase like ‘iPad cases Australia’ will quickly point you in the direction of appropriate retailers and you can get a cover for your device. Once covered properly your device will last longer, stay cleaner and give you an all-round better user experience.

Images and video

Images were always an important part of newspapers, but the arrival of digital has allowed for images and video to play a much bigger role. There is now scope for galleries as opposed to individual images and video makes the experience like a hybrid between television and print. It is a great experience and it works really well on a tablet where the screen is large enough to play to the strengths of the offering – compared to mobile where it is often not properly visible due to small screen size.

Almost like the old thing

Sitting in bed with a tablet on your lap is about as close as you can get to reading an old-school paper. Except where the paper would have had a deadline, probably eight hours previously, the digital version available on your tablet would be live and containing up to the minute information. It is a whole different experience and one which ensure that modern news outlets can stay far more relevant as stories unfold.


Reading your news online allows for lots of opportunities to surf between sites and social media to ensure that your interest in a story can be seen from as many different angles as possible. Instead of the old days where a consumer would read a paper from cover to cover, usually opting for just one source of news for the formation of their world views, with digital and technology news it is possible to see what others are saying and to compare sources and angles almost seamlessly.