Why Should You Use Snovio for Email Drip Campaigns?

As an email marketer would vouch for, finding email addresses, validating them, drafting meaningful messages, and sending out messages to the prospects at the most appropriate time is a kind of a struggle. One would literally go crazy if he or she were to do it manually, not to speak of the amount of productivity one would have to sacrifice by not automating the process.


An email automation platform like Snovio makes the job easy, helps you save a lot of time, and makes the campaign much more effective. If you are looking for a tool to send a series of emails in a particular sequence based on certain timing or triggers, then Snovio email drip campaign tool is for you.


It makes even the most complicated marketing campaign so simple that you need not possess any special technical knowledge to run email campaigns like a pro. Their intuitive tool allows you to build a personalized email sequence with smart triggers and goals within minutes. So, there is no need for you to spend hours trying to figure out who opened the email and needs a follow-up.

The following features of Snovio email drip campaign tool give enough reasons to any email marketer to start using this amazing tool.

Set triggers and delays

Setting triggers is an important step in a drip campaign. They are the specific actions taken by the recipient. When and which email message a recipient will receive next depends upon a trigger.

Currently, you can choose from two trigger options:

  • Recipient opened the email
  • Recipient clicked on the link


You can also set a certain time for a trigger. This can be done in hours or days. Likewise, Snovio drip email also allows you to set a delay so that you can postpone sending the next email until the time passes. Delays can be set up in hours or days too.

Write personalized email messages

Personalization increases the chances of conversion. Snovio lets you add a personal touch to the email message – the subject line as well as the main email body. You can add the first or last name of the prospect in the subject line. Similarly, the email body can be personalized by adding the company name, position, etc.

Send plain-text emails

Email service providers are often not favorable to rich media emails and there may be issues delivering emails that contain images. That’s the reason why you need the flexibility to send plain-text emails in the marketing campaigns. Snovio understands and offers this option, giving you a higher chance of hitting the recipients’ inbox.

Use already created email templates

When you send an email through Snovio, you get an option to save the email template. While creating or running a drip email campaign, you can use any of the previous email templates even from other campaigns. Isn’t that cool and amazing? What is even better, you can use pre-written email templates created by the marketing team.

Monitor the campaign with real-time stats

You can’t run a successful campaign unless you get to track and analyze various performance metrics of the campaign. Snovio provides you complete stats of the campaign including who opened the email, who clicked the embedded link, and who replied to the message. The visual representation makes the analysis even more interesting and easier. This goes a long way in monitoring and fine-tuning the campaign for better performance.

Final Words

Snovio drip campaign is an amazing tool for email marketing. Just invest about 30 minutes on setting up the campaign and you can reap the benefits for a long time to come. Moreover, the tool comes with a free trial. So, you don’t actually have anything to lose.