Why should you prefer VPNs and avoid free VPNs?

Both security and privacy are essential for people while going online. Fortunately, tons of tools are available for this purpose but gain fame among internet users due to several reasons. It brings not only apparent privacy benefits but also includes many valuable features. If you decide to use this security option, then this article is helpful for you.

What is a VPN?

It is a must-have private network for everyone because VPN increases your safety online.  A VPN can work by encrypting data before transmitting it from one location to the next one online.  If you use Virtual Private Network for connecting online, you can get a chance to use privates securely and privately.

Another highlighting feature of VPN is that it is suitable for several devices, including laptops or desktops, Android phone, iPad or iPhone, etc.

Why should you use one?

Are you excited to know why it is vital to use this private network? Then, you can go through this passage.

Many remote workers use VPN to get safe access to company files and data while staying away from their central office. It is because VPN brings them the ability to access even sensitive data on an encrypted and safe internet facility. Along with a secure browsing experience, it also provides you many other conveniences. It includes:

  • Secured file sharing

With a VPN solution, you can now share documents online without worrying about data theft or hacking.

  • Affordability

It is worth spending some money to enjoy complete privacy. Many leading companies are providing VPN plans for fewer rates.

  • Suitable for public Wi-Fi

The most apparent benefit of using a virtual private network is its improved online security.  With an encrypted system, you can keep the data, location, IP address, and passwords safe from internet intruders or potential hackers.

Why should you not use a free VPN?

Who does not like to save money? But is a free VPN secure to use? If you plan to consider any free VPN, you should carefully read the following points. Here are significant risks linked with free VPNs as follows.

  • Compromising user’s security

Now, many free VPNs come with malware. These are the major online security dangers for users.

  • Track the user’s online activity

It is another inappropriate crime that free VPN services can make. As per the recent study, seventy-two percentages of free VPN services embed 3rd party trackers.

  • Reduce the speed of the internet connection

It is a problem that users frequently face with the worst quality VPNs. It is frustrating for users who use free VPNs.