Why Should You Consider AWS Cloud Hosting?

AWS called as Amazon Web Services is a cloud services platform that caters businesses with scalable computing capacity, content delivery, database storage, and other such functionalities to help them grow. This saves the companies expenditure on development and maintenance for in-house servers. With AWS, companies get a chance to focus on the core expertise of their business rather than investing time, people and money on managing the back-end operations.

Today, many companies are opting for AWS managed hosting cloud products and solutions for building advanced applications that come with increased scalability, flexibility and reliability. A cloud infrastructure allows users to access their data at anytime and from anywhere on the web.

It is important for technology providers to be alerts in terms of offering availability guarantee during high usage. For working towards greater availability, it is crucial to invest in hardware for managing the periodic and tremendous web traffic loads.

Therefore, technology providers opt for Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting. Additionally, their proficient and skilled support team takes care of the services offered for your technology ecosystem.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services for Technology Providers

Easy Setup: It takes less than a day to subscribe and setup the AWS cloud service. The cloud-based AWS allows instant deployment without the need for an on-premise dedicated environment. Developers can configure programs from initial setup to deployment with great efficacy with the Management Console that offers a detailed documentation for running virtual servers.

Flexibility: The back-end process helps to set your services up and running swiftly and easily. This is largely because AWS supports a wide range of programs, operating systems, software architecture and databases. Technology providers can boost their confidence due to a flawless transition throughout a migration or IT infrastructure reorganization.

Security: Having more than 15 years of experience, Amazon has taken lot of efforts for risk mitigation and ensured the high standards of data security. When there is an emergency or trigger of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), uncompromised delivery of services will occur.

Cost-effective: Since AWS follows the pricing model ‘pay for what you use’, it eliminates all the costs that you could invite throughout IT maintenance. There are no contracts and stringent subscription plans and so, AWS is a preferred cloud hosting service for all types of businesses from start-ups, small, medium, to large enterprises.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services for Developers

Cloud Storage: You get unique File Transfer Protocol (FTP) functionalities with AWS. This helps the organizations to seamlessly transfer files in a secure environment.

Cloud Search: The fully managed cloud search service is customizable and gets automatically updated. It is possible to integrate the search tool with any website, mobile site or custom web apps in their development stages.

Artificial Intelligence: AWS allows developers to integrate human intelligence in remote operations. The use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that use multichannel networks to carry out tasks in the case of computer failure gets smoothened. Moreover, round-the-clock customer support ensures a seamless experience of artificial intelligence features.

NoSQL Database: You get almost zero latency with a NoSQL Database. Additionally, when your data is on the cloud, necessary information can be easily pulled from anywhere.

Endurance and Agility: There is almost zero risk of operational efficacy getting weakened which is highly observed in local in-house servers.

Now that you have checked the benefits of AWS cloud service for developers as well as technology providers, let’s now check the best AWS cloud service provider.


Being in the industry since 2012, MilesWeb took no time to stand out among its competitors. They offer managed AWS cloud hosting which allows you to focus on your business. MilesWeb also provide services like shared Linux and Windows hosting, Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting, DigitalOcean and Amazon (AWS) hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

They offer the below features with their managed AWS cloud hosting:

  • Free Amazon Server Migration
  • Support from AWS Certified Team
  • Save Time on Operations
  • Support for 24/7
  • Server Monitoring
  • Optimization and Growth
  • Increased Productivity
  • Choice of Server Location

MilesWeb offers affordable prices for their managed AWS cloud hosting:

Additionally, as MilesWeb’s team has worked with startups and well-established businesses, they understand the challenges that you might face. Therefore, the team helps to handle all those challenges and increase your growth graph easily.

There are several companies that still fear moving to cloud. But with MilesWeb it becomes quite easy because their team guides you through the complete process of your AWS server setup. You can take the support of their team in terms of AWS management as well as consultation right from the beginning to the end of your cloud transformation.

This ensures a powerful platform for your AWS server along with strict compliance and accurate security.


MilesWeb is a wonderful service oriented towards all types of businesses right from startups, agencies, to well-established organizations that want a centralized system to handle all their websites. Offering the best interface, the way the system works and the amount of options it has is simply amazing.

MilesWeb charges you simply for the interface, the centralized system, the easy access to all your stuff and a centralized platform to handle multiple providers. So, the service they offer is worth a penny and wonderful option for AWS lovers.

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