Why Print Media Is Important in a Digital World

In today’s world, email marketing and online advertisement are the primary methods businesses deploy to reach digital customers. Did you know that it’s possible to lose prospect clients in the midst of this digital ‘noise?’ A leading Biltmore Pro Printing Phoenix advice that you can take a proven approach to stand out ahead of competition- print media.

Studies reveal that US advertisers spend about $167/person on average to get $2,095 worth of revenue. That represents a 1,300% return on investment. Also, a report documented in Forbes Magazine reveal that print materials and publications offer target clients and customers a brand experience that can never be replicated online. Why?

  1.  Credibility

There is something about the feeling of legitimacy associated with print media; like that what you get when you see your favourite magazine or publication on the rack. It is possible to put a printed piece down and come back later to reading. Print media needs ‘real estate.’ A printed copy is mostly placed at a particular desk where it’s easily accessible to target audience day after day until it is recalled by the owner.

  1.  Print is engaging

Most online advertisements and websites get skimmed in approximately 15 seconds per visit. On the other hand, prospects and customers read a printed material for more prolonged periods since they’re more ‘real’ and engaging than websites. It is proven that a consumer spends 43 minutes on average reading a magazine.

  1.  Brand Establishment

Every marketer is aware of the importance of having a well reputable brand. Over the years, branded materials, including printed publications, offer an excellent strategy to establish a brand. Print media lets you achieve aesthetic qualities of colours, font, images, and texture that greatly enhances brand recognition.

  1.  Print is Tangible

Posters, brochures, publications, and all printed materials are tangible. Content can be kept at home or offices for months or even years once received. In the digital world, most marketing campaigns are launched periodically which sometimes may not be felt.

  1.  Print reaches target market quickly

Design and placement of company advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and publications can assist in reaching target audience quickly. Through demographic data leveraging, businesses can place their brands strategically.

  1.  High Return on Investment

Advancement in technology continues to force many companies online. Print media has, in turn, become a new trend. Print media has also evolved significantly. Marketers make calculated decisions about consumption, content, consumers, and collateral types since they have extensive access to relevant market information and data. Designing and distributing a great printed marketing campaign is a proven strategic marketing initiative that turns leads into consumers.