Why is my Instagram Account Blocked?

Instagram is going head to head with the great media giant, Facebook – in fact I believe it to be more popular nowadays among teens and millennials. This platform allows you to share one minute long stories and videos, unless you use the IGTV option, and pictures, so that you can keep up with the rest of the world in timely fashion.

However, even though Instagram is quite popular among users, it off late has been banning or blocking a couple of users worldwide. But, the block is not always done from the service itself. You could say that your Instagram might be blocked due to many other reasons. You can also Buy instagram followers on famoid

 For starters, maybe you’re a student and are using the app in school or college. Or, you’re using the app while in a country that does not allow it. It does not only happen with Instagram, but many other social platforms, cutting access to it.

There are over a billion Instagram users in the world, despite the fact that half the countries have blocked access to it. Where schools, colleges and companies are concerned, they label it as a distraction, and where Instagram is often used for unethical activities. It’s true, you’ll never know how certain users utilize the platform, even though it’s more of a personal space, but not while you’re in a professional setting.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons as to why your Instagram account might be blocked or not accessible. And it’s even mentioned that there are some countries around the world like China, Russia or the UAE that actively block access to these services. In cases like these, you would need a strong software to gain access to it again.

Whatever the reason may be, this guide will show you how to unblock Instagram using some easy methods.

How to unblock Instagram from anywhere in the world

There are quite a few options you could consider to unblock your Instagram account for whatever the reason may be. The best way for you to unblock it would be by using the best VPN with strong features and speedy servers. Other than that, let’s have a quick rundown on your options:

1.     Use a VPN

Mentioned above, a VPN is one of the best tools you can use to access regionally blocked services, and international ones. A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It’s usually a security software that allows you to change your IP address for online privacy, especially since internet service providers often monitor and store user data. With a VPN, and its numerous servers, you’ll be able to connect to any one of them and unblock Instagram most instantly.

2.     Smart DNS

If you’re looking for an alternative to a VPN, you could try out a Smart DNS service. With it, you will be able to access geo-blocked content on the go. ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer smart DNS services that you can use within countries with strict online laws. It’s somewhat like a VPN routing your traffic through it, but not entirely the same.

3.     Use your mobile data

If your school or college or even your service provider is the one that is blocking access to Instagram, then maybe try accessing it using mobile data or another network connection. Of course, this method is not fool proof, and does not work effectively. This is especially the case if you are in a country that censors certain content, leaving a VPN as the only viable option.

4.     A proxy service

Other than a Virtual Private Network, a proxy service is a great free option. There are only a few proxy services that are reliable. With it, you will be provided with a specific IP address. This IP address is your gateway to access Instagram without any issues. However, make sure you know which proxy service you’re using. There are some VPNs that offer a proxy service, like NordVPN and PIA.

To conclude

And that’s about it. You now know that there are many ways for you to gain access back to your Instagram profile. However, keep in mind that if Instagram itself blocks you out, it means that you may have violated some of its regulations. You will need to follow through with the service’s steps to unblock your Instagram account again.