Why Embedded Software Development Tools Are Crucial for IT Projects

Embedded software/tool is basically an electronic device used to manage and improve the current operation of any project. It is capable of controlling the overall process of embedded software development from analyzing, debugging, compiling, optimizing, and testing to verifying any software.

Obtaining a compiler or simply premium version of a particular software or a tool which would simply the software improvement making it faster and cost effective will certainly raise some questions in the administration as why such tools or open software cannot be utilized.

Improves the development momentum

For any IT project or any other project the most expensive effort that can be put in is utilizing time or planning time. Of course you would look for a tool that could improve the momentum of designing & development flawlessly. Here the embedded software development offers speed to the overall process of designing and development for your project.

Less number of bugs

Again you will have to invest a lot of time identifying and fixing the bugs in programming. Even a small bug can affect your business negatively.

Once a bug is identified during the development phase it turns out to be quite expensive to fix that bug. Certainly, when you find a bug while you are in requirements phase it just needs some updates in the documents which may just take 10-15 minutes. But, if the bug is identified during testing stage, it can take day’s together or even weeks to fix it.

Normally a bug that normally takes a day to fix would costs around $600. If you are looking for an improved debugger with excellent tracing capabilities would cost you around $1,200. Of course the costs are worth when you look at the time you save for example a week to carry out debugging.  In order to comprehend the ROI the developer need to analyze the bug rates of his own teams and the debugging time to come up with the correct result.

 An efficient software tool available to fix the bug can cost you in range of $500 -$50,000 bucks. Any organization having proper system and framework can find out the actual cost for removing the bug and count of bugs/budget.

Eliminates the time required to launch the product in the market

When the custom software development companies have the access to right tools available during the entire software development process it can bring in great results in launching their product in the market within a less period of time. Sometimes getting the reputation in the market much earlier than others and obtaining market share can conflict between disappointment and achievement. Well, you cannot evaluate the amount of time that can be eliminated while the product is still under development. But, you need to focus on the product that eliminates the time to market.

Reduced code size

Saving on expenses is something that every organization looks forward to. Making use of premium complier or simply purchasing an efficient tool can certainly offer better results in the process of software development.


Why embedded tools are needed

Having the right tools certainly help you get the job done efficiently. Time is important and if a business has its own plans to launch their product in a specified time, then the code needs to be completed within that given time. There is certainly a risk. The software developer needs to browse through different functionalities and no one can guarantee whether the system will crash or not while implementing a specific function. Everything is challenging and is an overload for the developers. They have to read through the compilation log to check out why the code written isn’t compiling.

There are many such code errors that may arise last moment and in order to fix them it may take unexpected time depending on the bug that exists. This delay in time can lead to delay in many IT projects.

The project managers have to answer to the senior officials and the client as why there is delay in delivering the end product. It is frustrating and you spend hours or weeks together fixing the bugs. This can even result in project cancellations of many IT projects.

Many custom software development companies who lack the necessary embedded software development tools end up spending a lot of time to fix the issue because of which the client is upset and the reputation of your company is at stake. Of course you don’t want your developers to struggle through the development process and waste precious time which can be utilized to work on other projects.

Certainly custom software development companies would never want to lose on IT projects and valuable client. What it takes to grab a project can be just ended in vain when you do not have the right tools. Switch to highly efficient embedded software development tools so that you can help your clients launch their products within given time frame and get rid of bugs that otherwise take a lot of time to fix. The tools will certainly come with a long time benefits and you can use it for a number of projects.



In some parts of the world the embedded software & tools are hardly utilized even after having the efficiency of 5-10 years that normally covers around 12-15 projects. It can help for saving money in the long run as you will be able to save on labour and other manufacturing costs and it comes out to be savings of thousands of dollars.

Even after having the scope of huge savings with the embedded software and tools, they are not considered and developers continue to struggle through the time consuming phase of development wasting a lot of time and money.