Why Choose Latency Optimizer for Lag Fixing?

Latency optimizer comes with a set of optimizations, analyzing, testing, and cleaning of tools in order to assist you in reducing high latency, improving FPS, boost games & applications, fix lags and speed up internet connection. Moreover, the latency optimizer is also used in the speed test, ping test, performance recorder, packet monitor, and latency test. These tools will help you to analyze the causes behind the lag, high latency, low ping, and FPS drops in terms of online games and application.

  • You can record the performance of your computer while working or playing by measuring your ping, monitor the network, download and upload speed, and test the status of your current latency.
  • Other than this, performance and network optimization tools, start-up entries, system optimizer, and a system cleaner are used to boost the performance of your web browser, internet connection, and PC both for surfing and online gaming.
  • You can run an upload, download, and ping test and save your speed test from analyzing the results so that later you can compare your previous tests. The latency test will stimulate your connection and computers processing performance through online service server or a game.
  • It is better to clean up your system from history, cookies, temporary files, log files, clipboard, memory dumps, DNS cache, third-party applications, disk cleaning, etc. All these will tweak up the performance of your PC.
  • You can boost the performance of your PC with just one click to predefined optimization modes and 45 tweaks & tunes in order to add some extra features to it. The performance tweak will not only increase your performance speed but also provide better RAM, CPU, Network.

All these tips will help you in the lag fix of your PC and let your PC perform better while playing games and surfing the internet.