Why Are 360-Degree Photos Becoming Popular?

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Do you want to keep track of the progress of construction? Photography is the best way to do that. Photo documentation has been evolving over the years from the photo albums to digital pictures saved in computer systems. The newest trend is the 360-degree photos saved in the cloud. Imagine using a camera to capture a 360-degree view of the interior! Sounds amazing right? A 360-degree walkthrough is a perfect way to monitor progress in a construction site. Read on to find out why 360 photos are becoming popular in tracking property inventories.


When you take several on-site photos, you will need more time to sort and organise the images. To reduce time wastage, you need a tool that classifies the pictures according to time and location. The construction cameras capture job site images and transmit them to cloud-based software. From there, the photos are organised to create a visual outlook of the project. What makes it easy to document is the fact that pictures are stored according to their location on the virtual sheet. Therefore, even if you take photos on different days, it will still be stored on their corresponding area on the virtual spreadsheet. The result is a virtual construction site. The use of project management software in 360 photos reduces the documentation time by 50%.

Detailed Photos

360-degree photo technology provides a complete walk-through of the construction site. Therefore, the stakeholders don’t have to visit the job site. With 360 degrees photography, you can view more details in the construction site and monitor progress. The virtual construction site you can easily find mistakes and correct them in the early stages of construction.

Saves Money

Construction is an expensive endeavour, and project managers try to save every penny. Therefore, any tool that reduces expenses is appreciated. Expert photographers are costly and can put a dent on the construction budget. Luckily, the 360-degree photograph technology can be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge. They thereby save construction companies some money. The documentation is fast. Therefore, you need a few employees for the job.


The 360 degrees technology provides a quick way to capture and view images. Organising the photos to create a virtual construction site increases efficiency in property inventories. Also, the pictures have annotations where you can point out an error and suggest a solution. With annotations, you can create a schedule to ensure the changes you recommended are made.

Quick Decision Making

A 360-degree photo captures the full view from all angles reducing the ambiguity. It also ensures all the stakeholders, including suppliers, clients, and the construction crew, are on the same page. With effective communication, stakeholders can make better decisions on necessary adjustments. Besides, clients will feel more involved in the project when they can track their progress at any time.

360 photography is useful when you are scoping out the job site, sharing daily updates on the progress, and during a construction audit. With the numerous benefits 360 photos provide, its popularity will continue to skyrocket.