Which One to Choose – Bluetooth Mouse or Wireless Mouse

The mouse is an important laptop accessory that helps in navigating and accessing the different areas on the screen. It is available in two popular types as wireless and Bluetooth mouse. Let us look at the differences in both these types to find the best one.

How to connect a Bluetooth mouse?

Bluetooth connects differently to the computer than its counterparts. In place of a dedicated receiver, it uses the Bluetooth antenna of the computer to pair with it. This detection and pairing step with the mouse needs to be done once.

Later, your PC will automatically connect itself to the mouse when you require it in the future. Your computer needs to have an inbuilt Bluetooth antenna or a Bluetooth adapter before you can use it on your computer.

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How Does A Wireless Mouse Works?

Wireless mice form a connection to the PC via a receiver at the time of plugging into a USB port. It picks up a wireless signal via the mouse and later transforms it into a USB signal that the computer can understand. There is no requirement for any special setup to use the basic functions of the mouse. You would require the installation of software drivers for using it.

What Makes A Bluetooth Mouse Superior To Other Types?

  • At less power, you get high voice output. This makes it a perfect outdoor companion.
  • The design of this mouse is very portable and compact. It has an ultralight wireless design that can be easily carried for work or study purposes.
  • A Bluetooth mouse provides high performance and battery life.


In terms of convenience and performance output, Bluetooth speakers are more beneficial. However, you need to have a Bluetooth adapter or antenna to use it on the PC.