What you didn’t know about a seat heater

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A seat heater is recognized as a surface heating and it is used for heating the seating surfaces and create a steady heat sensation. Generally, they are used in the motor vehicles’ seat for increased comfort. However, today, these seat heaters are also being used in chairlifts, toilet seats, and motorcycles. They are often used in vehicles that have leather trim. Beginning from the small cars to the middle size cars to trucks and vans, this kind of surface heating fetches heat to your lumbar and the back area quickly. This heat turns highly pleasant for your body and the dry heating air helps in drying out your skin.

These seat heaters are helpful to people during the winter season as they warm your butt instantly, and they turn as an excellent accessory to numerous motorists. Sitzheizung is wonderful for your body temperature and shields you against probable bladder problems. When you have been driving longer distances, then the modern headlight systems do ensure improved safety via LED or xenon car lights. Again, the heated seat proposes the chance to open your window and allow refreshing air to come into your vehicle minus overcooling your body. Due to this feature, your body gets protected against exhaustion and also against the hazardous microsleep.

The principle of operation

A Sitzheizung comprises either heating mats along with heating wires and they are situated between the foam core and the cover of a car seat. It gets operated electrically and generates heat at your touch points with your seat. The heating components comprise flexible resistance ladders that wander through the surface of your seat, the backrest and the seat back. Based on the manufacturer, you can adjust the heating output through the use of a thumbwheel or a push-button switch. Again, overheating protection is also there which is proposed by temperature sensors present in the heating elements which are linked to the control unit.


A mobile heating system turns pretty cheaper and it can be connected minus expert knowledge in numerous car models. The seat heater gets packed on your preferred car seat before fastening with straps. After this, the cable gets plugged and it provides heat to your butt from your back pleasantly. The models of seat heating are excessively simple and can be used in different cars. You will find individual models that run with the help of a battery and gets charged through USB. The best thing is these seat heaters act as a seat saver, and the costly variants come with integrated massage functions.