What to Expect when you Play games with girls

There’s a wide variety of gamers you can meet in game lobbies and in gamer platforms like Gank. That’s one of the beauties of playing online games as sometimes you never know who you’re going to meet. You could meet new friends, new teammates, or even new rivals. One of the most common types of gamers you’re going to meet is girl gamers. They take up almost half of the gaming population. We’re going to be talking about what makes them different from other gamers and what you could expect from them.

Less Toxic Games

It is known that women are more sensitive than men. This means that the girl gamers you team up with, be it through random match ups or the ones you hire on Gank, they’re more likely to be easy going and less toxic than the other gamers you team up with.

They are also less likely to act up if you mess up. Some players will scream at you if you make a wrong move or if you end up feeding the enemy team but it’s rare to hear a girl gamer scream at you for being trash at a game. In the unlikely event that the former occurs, it would often be from more serious gamers.

More Likely to Become a Friend

It is also very common for a girl gamer to become one of your friends in games. You could team up with them more than once. As long as you’re also kind yourself and less toxic than others. If you’re a pro and you hired a girl gamer and you manage to impress them with your skills, they may even play with you for free the next time.

You also don’t need to be a pro to have a girl gamer that you hired want to play with you again. Just being an interesting and fun guy can really give you some additional points on scoring a girl gamer partner. After all, who doesn’t love a teammate with an amazing sense of humor. You also pretty much secure a repeat game with them if you’re a mix of both. It’s great if you’re someone who can carry them to the top as well as someone who entertains them.

They’re Helpful

Girl gamers have sought to be viewed on equal grounds as their male counterparts for years. Back then, it’s very rare to find girl gamers but these days, they’re pretty much everywhere now. It’s pretty safe to say that they’re now on a level playing field with the others. They also want to prove that they can also be better than others, which is why most of them also push to become great and helpful teammates. Teammates who can be reliable.

They can be fantastic supporters and some can also be amazing killers. They’re constantly proving why they are real gamers by showing off their honed skills at games, be it MOBA, FPS, or RPGs. They can be awesome team players.

These may not all apply whenever you play games with girls but that’s one of the beauties of matching and teaming up with them as you never know what to expect. Now is the time to know what it feels like to team up with them. Go to Gank to look for a girl gamer to help you in your battles.