What Makes The Freelace Huawei Earphones A Perfect Multi-Framing Product

Good headphones aren’t just about quality sound. They should be comfortable to wear. And some are also required to be able to absorb external noise. That is why, when choosing headphones, one should take into account not only the basic parameters that are responsible for the sound, but also the design and other details. These are all important elements that need to be selected depending on where exactly the headphones will be used: on the street, at home or in the gym.

Headphones for different occasions

No less important is what they are bought for: to listen to music and record tracks, or to watch a movie. How the model will sound depends on the carrier: in portable and stationary gadgets, with home and studio equipment, headphones reproduce sound in different ways. This article takes into account all of the above criteria.

It will help you choose the best option based on:

  • external environment
  • signal source
  • appointment

We select headphones according to the external environment

It is advisable to choose headphones depending on where the future owner is going to use them: at home or in the office, during walks and trips, or in training. Whether the user will hear the surrounding sounds (and how strongly), and also whether the signal from the headphones will be heard by others, depends on the design. This section will help you understand which headphones are best for home, which are for the outdoors and workout, and which are for travel.

Headphones for home

The choice of freelace huawei earphones for home is not about compactness, but rather about the convenience during long-term use and acoustic design. For home, it is better to choose models with soft ear pads. For every day, on-ear headphones are suitable, which are pressed on the sides to the auricles. The option is perfect for listening to music in conjunction with a smartphone, player, tablet, laptop or PC. Such models are attached in three ways: on the headband, with the help of the occipital arch or on the ear itself.

Example of on-ear headphones

For the home, you can also buy full-size (monitor) headphones – a model with a large headband that completely covers the ears with ear pads. In terms of sound quality, devices in this category have no equal: a wide frequency range, the highest degree of sound insulation, sound detail. Some of these headphones may well be used in a home recording studio for professional mixing. But this option has disadvantages – these are considerable dimensions and weight.

Over-ear headphones

How to choose a “home” model for acoustic design? Open-back headphones do not provide adequate noise isolation. In addition, the signal sent to the headphones can be heard by others. In a house where a large family lives, it is not very convenient to use such a device: not all household members will be able to appreciate the full power of Drum & bass or extremely heavy metal, and the lyrics of many rappers are unlikely to take their parents and grandparents to their hearts.

Half open headphones

Semi-open headphones are much better to take in this regard. There is still a small protection against external noise, and the surrounding sound is practically inaudible. But the best option is closed: the sound is not lost in space. The sound isolation level is high: even if nothing sounds through the headphones, the user will not hear most of the surrounding sounds. And the rest of the sound from the headphones will not interfere, even if the user crank the volume to the maximum. These models sound good: balanced and detailed.

Outdoor headphones

For the street, compact headphones are well suited, which can be easily folded and stowed in a trouser pocket or bag. “Pills” are not a bad choice, but they are not as good as vacuum ones due to the reduced sound insulation. The reduced diameter of the silicone grips of the insert models provides a deeper fit and better hold.