What Is Your Option for the Prevention of Digital Theft

Preventing the theft of data such as bank accounts or spreadsheets where company passwords may appear, is essential for any organization. In other words, many of our daily activities within the company have to do with Computer Security.

  • To avoid this series of risks, or possible risks, it is important to understand that Computer Security is not limited to updates to apps or programs, but rather encompasses different security measures that range from software or antivirus programs, to responsible use of computer equipment.
  • And the thing is, the most common attacks against computer systems are Trojans, worms, spoofing and espionage; in addition to DoS / DDoS attacks, which can interrupt services.

However, if the appropriate measures are taken, the risk levels for your company can be reduced, for example, by creating different levels of access or limiting it. This is why you need cyber security now.

How can you improve your Computer Security?

Next, we show you a series of measures that you should take into account to prevent damage or attacks to your computer systems:

  • Installation of legally acquired software, as these are free of Trojans and viruses.
  • Antivirus suites with well-defined system and configuration rules.
  • Hardware and software firewalls or firewalls to block access to unauthorized users to use your computer or your network.
  • Improve your passwords by making them complex and large. Also, make sure to back them up in safe and restricted access places.
  • Be careful with social engineering, as cybercriminals often use data on social networks to carry out their attacks.
  • Cryptography, especially encryption to keep your information sensitive, secure and secret.

Following these security measures can help you prevent your Computer Security from being compromised, however, it is also necessary to educate all staff to take the necessary actions to protect company information.

After hearing recently some news related to computer security problems in large companies, it may be interesting to address some concepts related to this matter.

What is computer security?

Computer security is the application of information security to the field of computer science and applies both to information stored on computers and to information transmitted over the communications network, such as the internet.

Because it is important?

The value of the information itself must be borne in mind. Let’s think about bank details, passwords, photos or even our hobbies. All this is very important and must be protected , because there is always the possibility that someone outside of us misuses it.

Technologies used against computer security

We can classify the technologies used against computer security into two large groups: Social and Technical. You can have the best options here with the right deals now.


In the case of social technologies, great computer skills are not needed. They are based on applying deception methods to computing and always require the voluntary intervention of the user of the system. The technical engineering does require high knowledge about computer and, unlike social type technologies do not require the intervention of the user of the system.