What is VPS Hosting and What are The Uses of a VPS

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If you want to have a website on the internet, you are going to need to store the web pages somewhere. There is a wide variety of storage methods available from storing them on your own dedicated server, to cloud hosting. Each has its own particular pros and cons, and this article will focus on VPS hosting. By the end of the article, you will have a thorough understanding of this useful technology and what to do with VPS.

What is VPS Hosting?

Break the acronym down, and you get a better idea of what this hosting option is about. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is like having your own dedicated space within a shared hosting environment. VPS shares attribute with both dedicated and shared hosting but have unique benefits that come from combining the two.

Traditionally there are two primary forms of website hosting. Establishing a dedicated environment suits large operations with vast amounts of traffic and offers more control and customisation. It can be quite expensive though and doesn’t suit all website. Owners of smaller websites often rent space alongside others on a shared space. This is cheaper, but does not give you much control and can get overloaded by too much traffic.

What is VPS hosting used for?

There are plenty of VPS benefits. It is not the perfect solution in all scenarios, but VPS hosting possesses many of the positive attributes of both shared and dedicated environments. The first benefit is that VPS is geared to handle greater traffic, and you will notice faster loading times and better site performance in general. As a website grows in popularity, VPS offers the chance to scale up quickly. Managed vps host provides much higher levels of security as sites are more insulated from each other, and individual security measures can be implemented. VPS DirectAdmin is also available to users. This control panel is not only easy to use, but it takes up less space than cPanel. VPS is not the cheapest option, but it is a lot easier on the wallet than a dedicated environment, and you get a lot for your money. Users get vastly improved performance compared to sharing space, without needing a considerable investment.

When do you need it

Many website owners start out with shared hosting due to its ease and cost-effectiveness. However, once they have run into the limits of shared hosting, VPS is the next logical step. Shared hosting means that your site, along with a number of others share the same space. This is cheap but limited, and once a website gains traffic, it will quickly outgrow its shared environment. Loading times increase, security issues may arise, and the total web experience will suffer as a result. VPS is the next logical step. It offers many of the benefits of having your own server without having to take the technical and financial plunge of setting one up.


VPS hosting provides website owners with a fantastic opportunity to step up from shared hosting. Once a site gains traffic and users, it will quickly outgrow the shared environment. Without having to invest in setting up a dedicated space, which can be expensive, VPS hosting is an excellent opportunity. It is the financial, and technical solution to a wide variety of hosting needs and scenarios.