What is HMS and what makes it Special

Over the years, HMS has emerged as a very popular platform designed by Huawei. It has successfully managed to replace some of the most popular a d widely accepted Google apps, like Map, Gmail, cloud storage and others. What makes HMS so special is the fact that it offers services and tools to the third party developers for creating and designing their indigenous apps. One of the major objectives of HMS is to replace and offer all the services that are offered by Google and make it a robust and stable platform for designing apps and rendering other kinds of services.

HMS comes with a developer-facing and user-facing component; which is also known by the name of HMS core. There are various different types of SDKs, and APIs which goes in the making of the HMS core; along with various other services which are being used by the developers for the purpose of creating different types of apps and also to improve them.

As far as Huawei Mobile Services are concerned, it has been around for quite some time now. However, Huawei has re launched their platform which came after the US ban, which prevented it from using mobile services offered by Google.

What are the Services and Apps Included

The followings are the apps and services which are included in HMS

  • Huawei Browser
  • Huawei AppGallery
  • Huawei Themes
  • Huawei Mobile Cloud
  • Huawei Video
  • Huawei Music
  • Huawei Assistant
  • Huawei Reader

Apart from these, there are many other different types of apps and services which are included in it.

What are its Key Features?

Here are some of the key features of HMS which makes it special

  • It ensures a highly safe and secure login mechanism
  • As far as one click authorization is concerned, Huawei HMS is considered to be as one of the best platforms to be available.
  • It has the inbuilt capability of integrating with different types of app cases; tablets, smart phones, in-vehicle infotainment, large displays and others.
  • It also has the two factor authentication mechanism integrated in it.
  • Data encryption is one of the key features of this platform.
  • When it comes to ensuring user privacy; it has all the features and parameters in place.
  • It is capable of supporting as many as 79 different languages, which is a good as the services offered by Google.

HMS is considered to be as one of the most robust and powerful platforms which is gradually becoming as popular as Google. The fact that it comes with so many different types of features; has helped it to emerge at a very rapid pace. Huawei, is working on developing the features and is about to launch its latest version in the days to come.

Today, HMS is posing serious competitions to giants like Google, and according to the experts, in the near HMS would be as popular as Google, as some has even gone to the extent of stating that it might even surpass Google.