What Is HIPAA Complaint Texting And How It Works?

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What is HIPAA complaint texting?

HIPAA complaint texting is a secure way for healthcare organizations to communicate with the authorized patients to inform them about their scheduled appointment reminder and follows ups. This message solution enables the organizations to secure ePHI (electronic protected health information) but still allowing a secure way to communicate with the patient through this application. 

It is an ideal solution to keep in touch with the patients without actually spending too much time of the front desk and sorting the appointment just by a text. In addition to the same, HIPAA texting meets all the standards of healthcare industry in terms of privacy and security at both parties. The secure features of the complaint texting enable the administration of the system with an access to the audit supply which is encrypted by ePHI. Every communication in the network is audited and secures at every level. 

How does HIPAA compliant texting work?

HIPAA texting app allows the authorized users/patients to access the software On-Demand platform in order to receive and send the schedule through ePHI. This platform is controlled by the administration at all times to prevent an unauthorized access in the platform. 

It enables more than one party on the platform that can be involved in the conversations. Such a method allows enhancing the workflows by increasing the productivity and reducing the cost at all times. 

Not only has HIPAA texting made the text appointment reminder confirmations easier, but has made lot of progress as the front-desk side as well including sudden appointment cancellations or delays. Many of the cancellations at the organizations have been reduced tremendously. Moreover, considering that people are more comfortable with texting on their device, HIPAA texting is surely an ideal solution for routine appointment and follow-up.