What is healthcare technology & systems?

A healthcare technology system an IT support, which helps you in configuring and troubleshooting the health care software and the digital security of the records of the patients. The members of the healthcare industry make sure that their computers are working fine, and everything is safe and secure.

What is the use of health information technology?

To improve the quality and effectiveness of the health care system, health information technology was introduced. The healthcare technology systems has promoted individual, and public health side by side has increased the accuracy of diagnoses. It has also reduced the costs and medical errors and has improved the efficiency of the administration and clinical process.

Categories in HIT

HIT has two significant types under it and has about six subcategories under it. These categories are present in the hospital and the offices and clinics of physicians. The two main types are Medical practice management and EHR/ EMR

Medical Practice Management

The medical practice management software helps in managing different kinds of administrative and clinical aspects of the Practice, and the software is centralized in ample of systems so that functions can be used efficiently. The systems automate around every task that comes under the broad spectrum of “health information management” it helps in organizing appointment and assists in verifying the insurance of the patient.


From the patient’s point of view, the EHR focuses on the documentation and storing the documents and the literature of the reports. Initially, everything used to be on pen and paper, and it was difficult for the patients and doctors to keep a track. Now everything is on the phone or your laptop.

What are the Features of Healthcare Information Technology

The Healthcare Information Technology integrates with the management of medical Practice so that a better form of patient care is provided. The feature includes

  • Patient portal
  • Patient scheduling
  • Medical billing
  • ePrescribing
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Master Patient Index

Patient Portal

With the help of a patient portal, the patients can view everything which is uploaded through EHR, and the EHR includes the history of the patient’s medical records, their medication and their patients. The patient can check their medical history, they can schedule appointments, they can message their doctors, they can view bills, and they can also make payments online.

Patient Scheduling

The software which goes hand in hand with the patient portal is patient scheduling since everyone is tech-savvy these days, people prefer to schedule appointments and everything themselves that is where patient scheduling comes in.

Medical Billing

When it comes to billing all the hospital clinics, everyone dreads it. Since they don’t have much time with them, so the Medical Billing helps in scheduling the appointment to the payment, it also manages the workflow of the medical billing process.


Handling paper prescriptions and passing them to the pharmacies is another time-consuming and challenging task so just so that this process can be made faster the doctors have decided the ePrescribing software so that prescription can be files sent and the pharmacy can keep the medications ready.

Remote Patient Monitoring

With the help of this the patient’s data can be sent through the patients monitoring even when they are at home the Remote Patient Monitoring has reduced the cots of the emergency, and chronic care and the patient can live a better life.

Master Patient Index

Connecting the patient’s records to more than one database is known as a master patient index. It has the records of the patients who are registered at the healthcare organization. This index allows the various departments to share the data with each other simultaneously.