What is CVPS?

CVPS or computerized valet parking software is software that makes parking easier for a lot of people. Read more about this in this link here. Customers who want to go to a business establishment can book a spot on an application so that there’s a valet ready when they get there. The software reduces the headache of looking for a spot for hours. It saves time and it aims to improve customer experience.

The whole thing began as software solutions in a time when many people think it crazy that some software programs can organize parking. With the advances of technology through the years, the interface and the whole parking system has improved. After two decades, several changes have been made and a lot of people recognize their importance.

Where the Software Can Be Used

Residential Buildings

There are condominiums, subdivisions, and other high-end neighborhoods that can make use of the valet system. The whole process of getting a parking spot is integrated into an application where clients can make bookings before arriving at their destination. This can apply when someone who lives in a high-rise condo decides to have a party. The partygoers can use the app to make sure that they arrive on time and they do not have to worry about the stress of looking for a parking area. Read about car parking anxiety here: https://medium.com/@cbrucewillis/lets-talk-about-parking-anxiety-90cf74551104


When you say hospital, emergencies and life-and-death situations can come to mind. Spending an hour in a parking area while a client’s loved one is waiting for them can be disastrous. Having a valet waiting on the hospital can prevent unwanted situations from happening. Clients can simply go to the hospital facility, the valet will be waiting for them, and they can get off their car as soon as they arrive. The attendant will handle everything else. Advanced booking can be done through the software.

Casinos, Resorts, and Hotels

If you are a business owner who has a casino, resort, or a hotel, you may want to give your patrons an excellent service by making their parking hassle-free. More people can enjoy a night of gambling when they don’t have to stress about their cars. They can go home knowing that their vehicles were in safe hands. If they are on a resort or a hotel, attendants will be the ones to handle their cars and they can take the much-needed vacation without any extra stress.

About CVPS

The CVPS is part of the Amano company that is based in Minnesota. The company introduces the Aria which is a part of the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications Platform that is also used in drone technology. In 1996, when technology is still emerging, many people did not believe that simple software can develop a system of easy parking.

Fast forward to today, the company has improved a lot. Most of the business owners, their employees, and their customers have smartphones where everything is available in a single tap. The software program is user-friendly and most of the clients are only too eager to make their lives easier.

When contacting the company, most business owners will discover that things are a little bit different. For one, the CVPS team has a CSR team that has a nickname of the Customer Happiness Team. They are driven in providing positive experiences to their clients and satisfaction should always be their priority. The employees have descriptive titles and monikers including the Rainmaker and the Hacker Extraordinaire that you won’t find in any other company.

What the CVPS can Do For You

The app can check in customers who are in need of a valet service. All of the valet drivers are tracked. There are pieces of information available to the company owner, the client, and the valet that include the request times, the parking time, location, texts, conversations, and ticket numbers. There’s also feedback to let the business owner know whether they are doing a great job in implementing CVPS.

Protection Against Damage

There are times when a client has already a damaged vehicle but may put the blame to the valet who was in charge of parking. These fraudulent claims can have a negative impact on a business image as well as it can result in loss of revenues. Fortunately, there are pictures that can prove whether the clients’ claim is valid. The pictures are all associated with the location, ticket number, date, time, and everything else that is needed to prove that a damage claim is false.


As the rise of technology continues, companies merge in order to provide excellent customer service. The CVPS, with the help of Alexa, which is Amazon’s assistant, develop a cutting-edge parking system that customers can’t find anywhere else. Read more about Alexa here. The seamlessness and the welcoming atmosphere that Alexa brings is unlike any other. The communications between the casino and the client are smooth and the service opens a thousand other possibilities for innovation.

With the help of CVPS, customers will not have to worry about their vehicles. Expert valets who were already informed in advanced about a client’s arrival will be waiting in a hotel lobby or in a residential house. Because a customer saves time looking for a space to park their vehicles, their experience is positively amplified. If you are one of the business owners who want to get CVPS, you can look for the right company and talk to an expert. Identify your needs and the experts will make sure that all your needs are met.