What Do You Find in Computer Museums?

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You might have visited technology museums and might have seen the collection of computers in there, but Computers Pittsburg-PA is one of the very few museums dedicated to only computers exclusively. You are going to see Friden Flexowriter. Friden Flexowriter is one of the first used punchers and printers. It was used in the 1970s and programmers used to punch their programs, and the information was transferred to one of the first minicomputers. Digital Equipment Corporation was the creator of one of the first minicomputers. It was known as PDP-8 and was created in 1956.

You will be able to see the analog computer system from the 1970s, one of the initial desktop computers from 1976, the magnificently developed by Dutch Holborn (born in Holland) in very early 1980’s, Apple Lisa in 1983 with archaic today two 5.25-inch floppy drives, the very first Mac from 1984 as well as the IBM AT computer, which for years designed the means the computers were built. The gallery offers several more machines as well as their components such as various historical kinds of computer memory, which enabled computer progression.

What to look for?

The gallery is not tiny, and it is jam-packed full of artifacts as well as info. There are many things to see, many things to know and learn, check out, listen to, and see that you can quickly spend your whole day.

The feel

At first, a big area stuffed with old hardware. It is just when you begin your trip, that you recognize to what extent it is all logical detailed the history of computing, from analog to electronic, advancement of the ways of saving data, growth of the memory storage. Quickly, a top-quality exhibition, which is a moderate by functional method shows the beginnings of everything.