What Are Instagram Pods – Are They worth Trying

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Instagram has changed the way it has been accepting the content on it. Now the algorithm decides whether the content will be published or not and where it is going to appear on the feed. Thus, the new quest among marketers is to make the Instagram algorithm accept their content. Some may get accused of black hat techniques, too, if they become too aggressive about their pushing the envelope forth.

One of the ways found to have more real instagram followers is joining an engagement pod. A group of Instagram account holders start a pod and share content. They like each other’s work and share it too. If the number of account holders in pod is quite high and all pledge to remain active and boost each other’s content position, the result naturally is a more viral content. But, where the loophole is? Let’s discuss.

  • Pods with very few people

Pods need not have lots and lots of people to come into existence. So, if a handful of people have joined the pod, it is not going to serve any purpose. For example, just having 5 or 6 extra likes are certainly not worth the effort.

  • Sudden rise in number of likes

Okay, so you have got uncountable accounts in the pod and they all start liking and sharing the content. Sudden rise in the number of likes and shares can catch the undue attention and make the authorities sit up and sift through the activity to find the real cause. Thus, it may cause blocking of account if the algorithm is found to be compromised.

  • Inactive members

Extreme of any kind is formidable. If the pod has account holders who do not react to the content at all, the very purpose of starting the pod is lost. There is no advantage enjoyed.

So, try to engage people with the pod but while using brains. This is all one can infer from the challenges of using the pods.