Webcam – What Are The Must-Have Features?

7 Important Webcam Features

If you are in search of a new webcam, then you have to make sure you are going to get the best deal. The key to finding the best deal in the market is by doing thorough research. There are some things you need to keep in mind and one of which is the feature. What are the features you should look for?

  • Resolution – The majority of webcams you can find today have 720p and 1080p high-def resolution. However, if you are going to buy the high-end types just like Logitech B525 Kenya, you’ll get a much higher resolution. But mind you, they are not affordable, but they are surely worth your money, especially if you go for the quality. 
  • Frame rate – The frame rate must be at least 30 frames per second. Do not buy below 30 frames per second as the quality will not be good. You’ll notice that the image shakes or vibrates. Choose a webcam that can support 60 frames per second recording. 
  • Autofocus – As the name suggests, this feature automatically focuses on the subject while moving around. 
  • Microphone – It would be a huge advantage if the webcam comes with a built-in microphone. It comes handy, especially if you are using applications like Zoom and Skype. 
  • Video effects – Some webcam models come with built-in software that enables you to use special backgrounds and avatars. Such effects will make video conferencing more fun. 
  • Lens – Lens of webcam comes in two types – plastic lens and glass lens. The glass lens is better, especially if you intend to use the webcam for professional video production. For regular video, a plastic lens can be a practical choice. 
  • Construction and design – The design and make of your webcam is important, especially if you think about maneuverability requirements. The body and lens should be strong enough, which is why it is of utmost importance to invest in high-quality webcams.