Ways To Get Affordable And Cheap Smart Phone Insurances

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Mobile phones are either reasonably priced or expensive smartphones that are necessary for our daily use. It can become quite tricky with smartphones as we highly depend on them for almost everything. From keeping in touch with people and maintaining necessary communication to clicking pictures and listening to music, these smartphones have become our best friend. One can also become more vulnerable to theft, damage and loss after buying an expensive smartphone. Almost every day, people become victims of mobile phone theft, and most people do not even get their phones back after the loss. People who buy expensive smartphones need to pay for every month even if they do not have their phones, but one can always look forward to choosing the right insurance for them. Use Switched on Insurance coupon code for better and cheaper insurance plans in the market.

Why should you get your smartphones insured?

  1. You need mobile insurance to safeguard your smartphone from damage, and it is beneficial for a long-term process.
  2. Getting mobile coverage is a smart thing to do if you have a record of losing and damages for your smartphones
  3. It will entirely depend on the policy of insurance that you are choosing from the company and that is why one must make use of insurance policies for their mobile phones.
  4. Most of us use our smartphones in a rough manner, and it can lead to damages from day to day activities. Therefore, all of us need smartphone insurance.
  5. In case of theft or even if the smart phone is missing, you can claim a replacement of cash back from the insurance company according to the policy that you have chosen.

The mobile insurance company will cover:

  • A missing mobile phone
  • If the smartphone has gone missing from the building or vehicle
  • In case of occurring damage and how the phone is lost when it used by a third party.
  • If the phone suffers an electronic or mechanical breakdown, then you can claim for insurance from the company.
  • It the device was experimented under abnormal conditions.
  • If these things were caused under routine wear of the equipment
  • If Damages due to climatic changes and atmospheric conditions
  • If damages were caused due to a malicious act caused by the owner.

Other important things that the insurance policy will include are –

  • Your phone will have insurance for unauthorized downloads and calls.
  • Accidental damage
  • Cover for Damage and scratches on phone accessories.
  • Protection for phone content like games, apps and music.


Insurance for your phones and gadgets are just the foremost thing to consider because it is highly necessary to keep track of how important these things can be while making sure that that they are all covered when you are having a hard time from your phones. All you have to do is to make sure that you get affordable insurances from the right companies and that you select from the different policies that they have for you. One can easily list the number of Mobile insurance companies and chalk out a comparison between them to find out what will suit the bets according to your budget.

The mobile insurance Claim process- The process of claiming insurances for your Smartphone is easy and free from hassles. Firstly, you need to make sure that you provide the insurance company with the proper bill/invoice, along with the IMEI number of your smartphone. You also have to file a FIR in the case of the theft of the device and the reason why the phone is missing. All the documents must be submitted to both the insurance company and the required documents should be presented in the police station.

Before you chose the appropriate insurance, you should consider –

  1. Whether the loss and the theft are covered
  2. How effective is the plan that you have chosen
  3. The cancellation plan policy
  4. Does it cover both immersion and spills during water damage?
  5. Is the payment one time or monthly
  6. Will there be replacement with the same model of the phone or a different one?
  7. Find out whether the replacement is guaranteed or not

Several smartphone protection plans can fit into your budget and be cheap as well, but you need to choose the best one according to your choices.