Warframe Mods Guide 

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Even though most players think that getting new frames and weapons is most important, it is the mods that provide the major power level irrespective of what weapons you have. Mods will amplify everything you do in the game. Here is a guide to some of the most powerful mods in Warframe –

Mod Rarities – These are special mods that can be earned only through certain missions or purchasing it. These come in five ranks of rarity, namely common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and Riven. 

Normal Mods – Normal mods drop during different missions and are awarded to the players to complete certain bounties. Each of the different mods will enhance your statistics, such as heal, increase damage output, and others.

Aura Mods – These mods will affect players and their entire squad. The most common method to earn them is through Mission Alerts that are generally time-limited.  

Stance Mods – These are similar to aura mods, but they do not affect the whole squad. These mods can only be equipped to certain melee weapons and not all of them to increase the weapon’s mod capabilities. 

Exilus Mods – These offer utility bonuses and should be equipped in the special Exilus Mod slot that appears only on frames. Players need to use an Exilus Adapter to unlock it. 

Drift Mods – These also offer some minor mods that will fit into the Exilus slot, but they are more powerful than Exilus mods. They offer two stat bonuses, such as Nightmare Mode mods. 

Nightmare Mode Mods – When you finish all the mission nodes for a particular planet, you unlock this Nightmare Mode. These are time-sensitive and offer two different stat buffs. 

Corrupted Mods – These mods will increase one of the stat but will reduce another one. But, the increased one will be much higher than the one decreased. Such a mod is quite tricky to obtain.  

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other warframe mods such as Augment Mods, Conclave Mods, Damaged Mods, Primed Mods, Riven Mods, Set Mods, Peculiar Mods, and others. Each of these mods has its own set of capabilities and improves player’s game. You can find out more about these mods on gamesmobilepc.com