Values You Need to have for the Best SEO

The page you want to be well indexed must have at least 500 words (not characters, words), and the keywords  should be used intelligently. We know that the expression “used intelligently” is so plastic, including a little laugh. Intelligent means not using too much, because then there will surely be a drop. But so much so that it is also relevant, it makes sense for both the reader and the crawler. Also, the relationship between the text and the “HTML part” must be taken into account, because too much html, both it and compressed, and too little text cannot help the site. For the seo company los angeles this is important now.

Tags such as heading, strong, italic

Should be very well positioned in the text, should not be duplicated, and should not be empty and especially long. We saw a lot of pages with headings over 60 characters, which don’t even make sense in terms of editing. Not to mention optimization.

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It is best that its layout be responsive, although we have seen different site variants than desktop. We am referring to quite another platform that takes content from the same database tables as the desktop version.

Search engine crawlers and generally robots that take data from sites have become super, super, super, super duper smart. We am referring here to the fact that we can detect mobile versions, how well they are optimized, if they are easy to use, etc. And in addition, traffic is tilting towards mobile devices.

The most balanced ratio between mobile and desktop we’ve seen when analyzing my sites on Google Analytics, is 55.1% with 43.7% in favor of the mobile version. And there we are talking about a presentation site, which does not invest in promotion, but which is in the top 3 in Google searches for two keywords with 9900, respectively 10200 searches per month. We also have a very, very, very niche online shop, which invests more in advertising on Facebook and has a ratio of 81% to 19% in favor of the mobile version.

It is important not to confuse what we wrote above with the fact that everyone is on mobile and we must stop the desktop version from crashing. When we refer to today’s traffic, we must refer to the massive increase in total traffic. At the explosion that has taken place in recent years, at the increasing number of Internet users. So don’t ignore the desktop version!

Bonus: We were talking about the desktop version earlier. If a responsive design is applied to the site, don’t overlook the high resolutions. We simply saw sites that look awful on Full HD. Banners made at a medium resolution and applied on a div that eats a width of 100% of the screen, texts written on the screen, tiny font-sizes, wallpapers that jump out of proportion to over 1200px width etc. It can work on higher resolutions than the laptop, seriously.

Website upload speed

In addition to having a fast loading site, it is also one of the criteria for SEO outsourcing. The site must be as clean as possible, not overpowered, without UFOs and artistic films (unless the site is the most artistic on Earth), have compressed images, etc. we do not recommend more than 3 JSs and more than two CSS files uploaded. Moreover, for better performance, we recommend using compress css and Critical CSS. Also, we recommend a maximum homepage size (or page to be indexed) of up to 2.5 MB (2 would be ideal, maybe even less).


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